Video: Courtney Barnett-Avant Gardener

The song title alone is enough to be unhealthily infatuated with Courtney Barnett. But once you click that play button, you’re a Barnieber for life. The lyrics of this song are probably the greatest asset, which is saying a lot because this breathy piece of slacker-wonder is straight-up flooring to listen to. There’s a Pulp Fiction reference, musings on meth labs, and nods of appreciation for the unsung ambo’s. So how do you appropriate an infectious garage-pop song with super casual delivery into a visual medium? You have a tennis match of course! It makes sense- a super chilled atmosphere (Leyton Hewitt doesn’t feature, so the insistent cry of ‘CMOOOOOOOON!’ doesn’t interfere with the casual nature of the clip), something that shouldn’t be overly interesting (tennis vs. slacker-pop) that inevitably becomes mesmerising, and an overall clean, crisp feel to the entire thing.  With ‘Avant Gardener’ Courtney Barnett may have just made the Australian song of the year.


2 thoughts on “Video: Courtney Barnett-Avant Gardener

  1. Avant Gardener is my fav song, loving all of her stuff. What’d you think of her cover of Black Skinhead?

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