Album Review: The Fabergettes-Big Bruiser EP (free download)

ImageRemember Sandy from Grease? She was the super hot diva played by Olivia Newton-John (‘STRAYA!) who was near-molested by John Travolta? She dropped her entire moral code over a near death experience from J-Trav in a car? Yeah, know you remember her. Well, the 21st Century re-imagining of Sandy comes from the Sydney four-piece The Fabergettes. Their first EP was 60’s bubblegum garage perfection, but they’ve gone and followed it up with a more perfect-er 60’s bubblegum garage EP. I fear for humanity that The Fabergettes keep this trend-by their third album, they might transform the world into a Grease mural.

Regardless of the implied moral dilemmas of living your life in a throwback musical due to global domination from a band from Newtown, you really should listen to this EP. It’s just a stunning piece of work. It opens with the title track, a song that was made for melting hearts. ‘Big Bruiser’ is like the ULTIMATE teenage song: its cute, but its got grit, and there’s a catchiness to it that defies logic. Soon, every doo-woop lover worth their salt will be bopping their head in their shiny red Corvette to ‘Big Bruise’, flashing their Tom Cruise smiles and swishing their Molly Ringwald curls in the light breeze.

Enough of this wistful wishing, and onto ‘Little White Lie’, a song that appeals to the ballad-lovers in us all. ‘Little White Lie’ is romantic as anything, like a Shakespearan play that’s been injected with the sand of Malibu beach circa 1965. ‘Do the Hula’ follows that, taking the boardwalk atmosphere of the previous side into the surf. It is damn near impossible not to curl your hands into little balls and shake them up and down like your in a Monkees video clip. The EP finishes out with the sighing and adorable ‘Kiss Hairspray Away’. Listening to this song just cements all the lust one can have for The Fabergettes, turning even the most causal listener into that girl from the first Indian Jones movie that writes ‘I Love You’ onto her eyelids and bashfully bashes them at our titular character.

The Fabergettes are a band that combine a genuine love for the throwback with charm. The pinks, purples and greens that adorn the ‘Big Bruiser’ cover spill into the EP itself, showing off music with bright and loveable substance. Catchy and groovy beyond comprehension, ‘Big Bruiser’ EP is just one of what will be many career highlights of The Fabergettes. 

As iterated in the title of this publication, you can score this album as a free download, simply by going to The Fabergettes Bandcamp page. While your there, you should think long and hard for approximately a second before downloading their amazing debut EP as well. However, if you’re into the business of vinyl, you should definitely consider going and picking one up-it’s Shrek Shit Green (Trademark) with splotches all over it! 


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