The Glees Dog xoxo Playlist

There’s a name in Sydney that most 18 year olds would know by now. Some think he’s a legend, a myth, a tale as old as time itself. Some say he fucked Julia Gillard. Others say that he once made shat out an entire packet of Skittles. There’s a rumour that says he shoved a pool queue into a turnip’s anus? Surely, none of this can be true. WELL IT FUCKING IS! Glees Dog exists, and he’s a good mate of mine. A man of exquisite music taste, and Ozzy Osbourne levels of alcohol intake, Glees Dog is a hedonistic reveller in all sin-worthy attributes. No one can resist the Glees Dog’s charm: women want him, and men want to be him. As such, on the man’s 18th birthday, a playlist must be compiled for him aka a whole bunch of well-known but energetic rock, and some dopamine underground shit. Be warned: this is the ultimate rock party playlist, and can only be played when one is on the verge of consuming massive amounts of alcohol.

1. Franz Ferdinand-Take Me Out

2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Give it Away

3. The Killers-Mr. Brightside

4. Screaming Females-I Don’t Mind It

5. The White Stripes-The Hardest Button to Button

6. Diarrhea Planet-Seperations

7. Japanther-Stolen Flowers

8. FIDLAR-Awkward

9. Eagulls-Moulting

10. Bad//Dreems-Hoping For

11. TV Colours-Beverly

12. ScotDrakula-Burner

13. Queens of the Stone Age-Go With the Flow

14. Violent Soho-My Generation

15. Parquet Courts-Stoned and Starving

16. Palms-Love

17. Palma Violets-Best of Friends

18. Cage the Elephant-Shake Me Down

19. Radiohead-Paranoid Android

20. Weezer-El Scorcho


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