Halloween Playlist

Because today is Halloween, and I’m apt to the same themed article bullshit that every website does on holidays, I’ve compiled a list of great fucking Halloween tracks. However, unlike last year, where I just pulled out any old song that had a slightly Hallooween-esque title (which explains the inclusion of Bombay Bicycle Club), this year I’ve gone about compiling some actual decent tracks. These are song that you can play at party-they’re cool and sound good. However, in keeping with the them of this holiday, they’re a bit off kilter, a little bit kooky. Ryan, you’re making me blush you crazy kid! I haven’t gone for the all out abysmal industrial tracks, so there’s no trace of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry or Killing Joke, and I haven’t gone in the other direction either, with Drake and Lil Jon. Its stuff like The Drones, Bushwalking and At The Drive-In. There’s some newer stuff like Blood Plastic and HUNTERS, but this list mostly hangs in the ‘classics’ territory-Boys Next Door, Dead Moon, Kyuss etc. Enjoy! And do something tonight that you’ll regret in the morning, like a naughty hook-up, a tattoo or enslaving a small nation!

1. Blood Plastic-King Blood

2. The Boys Next Door-Shivers

3. Danzig-Evil Thing

4. The Drones-The Minotaur

5. Dead Moon-It’s OK

6. Bushwalking-No Enter

7. Queens of the Stone Age-The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

8. These New South Whales-Take the Stab

9. Thee Oh Sees-The Dream

10. At the Drive-In-Invalid Litter Dept.

11. Kyuss-One Inch Man

12. Dro Carey-Sanotarium

13. Forces-Overland (In My Mind)

14. The KVB-Dayzed

15. The Horrors-New Ice Age

16. Liars-Plaster Casts of Everything

17. Savages-Flying to Berlin

18. HUNTERS-Narcissist

19. DZ Deathrays-Cops Capacity

20. METZ-Wet Blanket


New: Retiree-Together

Retiree are a kind-of-weird, kind-of-normal band from Sydney. They play a slightly off-kilter mix of tribal beats and down-tempo rave (not sure that’s a thing, but whatever). Imagine if you took Cut Copy, and threw them down some stairs, and recorded the resulting noise, then took it to a warehouse in Bristol and got it reworked. That’s the kind of thing we’re dealing with here.

You can catch Retiree this Saturday night playing with Pelvis at GoodGod.

New: Chicks Who Love Guns-Guilt Tripper

Finally, Chicks Who Love Guns have more material to make our ear holes bleed and scream for more. One of Sydney’s best bands, their music is an irresistible blend of hurricane-force grunge trauma and slicked back punk rock, a sound that will undoubtedly turn one into a raging psychopath within the first couple of listens.

Surprisingly, ‘Guilt Tripper’ is more of a reserved affair, at least for Chicks Who Love Guns. The tripping bass, the musing verses, the lack of aggression…it seems unlike of Chicks Who Love Guns. But then the chorus hits ‘And all I know, is what I’m paid to know!’, and everything is right again in the world.

‘Guilt Tripper’ is fantastic, because it shows that the band are growing more and more comfortable in their song-writing skins. It was never doubted that Chicks Who Love Guns could shred, but as ‘Guilt Tripper’ and previous single, ‘Pencil Neck’ are proving, these dudes can both tear your head off, and patch it up again.

New: The Flaming Lips-Elephant (Tame Impala Cover)

It has been a while since Wayne Coyne and his band of merry freaks released something as great as this. Usually The Flaming Lips are content to wallow in the weird, but not really doing anything that great. However, since becoming best buds with Kevin Parker, it seems that some of that Australian genius has reinvigorated the Lips, as they’ve gone and released this stellar and dark cover of 2012’s ‘Lonerism’s best track.

The Flaming Lips’ version of ‘Elephant’ opens with Coyne saying ‘…this is the one that goes ba-boom-ba-chum…’ before launching into a distorted and slightly warbled mimicry. However, the space and sci-fi that The Flaming Lips bring to the earthy track can’t go unnoticed. Whereas ‘Elephant’ used to trod and stomp, the track floats and glides with alien prowess, just chilling above our heads along with Wayne Coyne’s fucked up mind.

Its shit like this that brings back hope for The Flaming Lips, and reminds us why they’re such a great band.

New: Osaka-Anchor

Osaka are a band Melbourne. Its hard to pinpoint a sound though. You’d like to say indie, but its too…natural, I guess? ‘Anchor’ is their first official release, and I guarantee it’ll see them join the ranks of Australia’s top tier of indie acts. Give it a month or so for Triple J to latch onto the single, and Osaka will be huge. If The Jungle Giants, Cub Sport, Millions etc. is your cup of tea, there’s no way you won’t enjoy this song. Its catchy, its fun, and best of all, it sounds pretty good.

Video: Shebeen Queen-Take Him Away

Shebeen Queen is a Sydney post-punk project that make a Dickinson novel sound like a stroll through a cartoon wonderland. Their noise is crossed somewhere Robert Smith being fed through a chainsaw, and pure nihilism incinerating one’s soul. On ‘Take Him Away’ the sound becomes very apparent and horrifyingly looming, like a Savages or Babes In Toyland track slowed down to a grinding halt. The accompanying video works to distorting, unnerving advantage as well, glorifying the macabre performance of the song. Fucking great stuff.

Gig Review: Mø


Tuesday 29th October @ Good God Small Club

When you think about it, heaps of stuff has come from Denmark. Like…’Barbie Girl’! And…The Raveonettes! And that noise band Iceage that sound like every other shitty noise band! But, there’s something on Denmark’s horizon that’s about to make it Hollywood famous, and that is Mø. She is an electro-pop indie superstar in every sense of the word. Forget the likes of Azealia Banks and Lana Del Ray, Mø is the one to champion, because she is going to be fucking huge all over the world. And for one night only, Mø and her band came to Australia to rock a crowd like a hurricane (Yeah! Scorpions!)

To warm up the crowd was local hero Kilter. Having never heard of the guy before, I was intrigued to see how his music would go down, and it would be safe to say that no one in the audience was disappointed. And what a crowd it was! Kilter was the support act, and yet he nearly filled out the entire venue. It was actually a struggle to find a spot where my limited height would grant me a semi-visible view of Kilter. His music is entrancing, a mixture of Disclosure, Aluna George and a dash of Rastafarian love. Rasta mon? That’s right, because Kilter’s live show features an extensive use of a electronic drum pad, and steel toms are a pretty consistent feature on said drum kit.

Seeing Kilter was actually a pleasure, as the man is more focused than you’re average garage rocker. He moves like a shadow-boxer in front of his kit, and when he drums, he drums fucking hard. His movements are fluid and frankly mesmerising, and the sounds that resonate from his small set-up are whole manners of awesome. For a strong example, check out his most recent track ‘Hold Me (feat. YOUTH)’. Slinky, smoother-than-Smooth-Peanut-Butter beats that drip themselves all over you? Yes please! Imagine this, in an intimate live setting with a 20 something smashing the shit out of a drum pad in the most visually arresting way possible. To say it was fucking great would be an understatement. Definitely check out Kilter if you see him on a lineup somewhere.

Mø made her way onto stage in a typically subtle fashion-by punching the air, and hyping the crowd into unfathomable proportions. It felt weird to see a woman so full of energy confined to such a small space, but Mø made it work to her advantage, covering every corner of the stage in approximately 1.5 seconds flat. Throughout her whole set, Mø did not slow down for even a second. She showed off an adventurous Scandinavian spirit, climbing thinks that probably weren’t a good idea to climb on, swinging from things that could doubtfully hold a PA let alone a human being, and immersing herself into an adoring crowd multiple times.

Mø is unique, because she gave everything back to the crowd that they wanted, and then some more. Her music was fantastic, thumping electronic beats filtered through a pure-pop music chamber, and her band played the tunes dutifully. Tracks like ‘Waste of Time’ and ‘Pilgrim’ penetrated the air, sounding as good as they possible could, but it was Mø that stole the show.

I’ll say it again, she really doesn’t belong in such an intimate atmosphere, her songs and her pop star attitude are geared towards a million-strong crowd in some stadium. She knew it, we knew it, and yet, it felt strangely right. A couple hundred people got to witness the greatness of Mø, right when she is on the verge of breaking into world-wide pop stardom. At one point, she started giving out high fives, and the reaction of one guy was ecstatic. Saying he was excited would be like saying a nuclear bomb was a mild inconvenience.

So despite Mø being an electro-pop wizard-ess, she is strangely down to earth. Her ravenous performance and thumping tunes were devoured by the crowd with unabashed glee. If there is one act to follow in the mainstream pop game, follow her. You won’t regret it.

Album Review: White Lodge-Holy Void EP


Take a fucking geez at that album cover, and try not to engage in some sort of existential plight. It looks like Willy Wonka took control over Alice in Wonderland’s acid trip. Its chunky and kid-friendly, but at the same time, you feel like if you stare at it too long, you may or may not end up in a mental asylum babbling about how the Lollipop King is fucking Selena Gomez. Remember, I haven’t even gotten to the music at this point, I’m just talking about the cover. So, does the music reciprocate the psychedelic goodness that the cover promises? Yes, yes it does.

The EP opens with a track called ‘Breathe of Shiva’. Never fear, this isn’t some sort of doom metal opus to a far-flun Norwegian god. No, this a ramshackle, head-bopping psych number, constructed like The Kinks were hit with some pink ecstasy. The 60’s vibes are really strong in this track, and as far as opening an EP can go, ‘Breathe of Shiva’ does a great fucking job. The follow-up to this, ‘Teenage Fever Dream’,  continues that weird rage change up that occurs towards the end of ‘Breathe of Shiva’, as a furious early-King Gizz thing emerges. Honestly, the breathe of Godzilla couldn’t sound greater being bellowed in one’s ear, as ‘Teenage Fever Dream’ sound encapsulates the feeling of being on the verge of your deathbed, and yet being compelled to go out to your friend’s show, because Geena’s gonna be there, and she’s like, really hot. As such, the song comes off disturbed and deranged, very fried and very horny, just the way I like my garage rock to go down.

‘Black Hyacith’ changes the pace again, reverting to a swamp-rock deliciousness. Imagine if The Scientists at their most fucked-up, were transported to 2013, and were given a tour support of The Murlocs, and asked to write a song inspired by their experiences. Despite not knowing what the fuck a Hyacith is, and what shades of colour in comes in, you can’t help but simultaneously let your skin crawl in horror and your brain scream in pleasure at this track’s amazing sound. However, the sound of seagulls show that shit’s gonna change yet again on ‘Velvet Sea’. The rock n roll is strong with this track, and if you don’t have flecks of poisoned saliva stained across your face, you’re not listening right.

‘Red Moon Hex’ switches back to the brain-dead psychopathic sounds of ‘Black Hyacith’, and again, it sounds amazing. The Wild West whistles (you know what I mean) add to the atmosphere of danger, and then when the shouted vocals get blown into your face, you feel like Nick Cave could be deadly again, like that time FIDLAR covered ‘Red Right Hand’. The EP closes with the slow-moving but mesmerisingly shady ‘Corduroy Clouds’, a track that may be a bit more long-winded than the rest, but is no less fantastic. It drools with cartoonish heart, and the drawn-out holy sounds will drain your brain into a content, vegetative state. Isn’t that what we all want?

Overall, White Lodge are a band that manage to change it up constantly, but never lose their unique and powerful energy. Their music always maintains an element of unruliness, and seems like its on the verge of overdriven mania, but it never hits the point of alienation. And that is how you make really fucking great music.

You can download ‘Holy Void’ for name-your-price at White Lodge’s Bandcamp, and there is no conceivable reason why you wouldn’t. The band come from Queensland, so here’s to hoping they make the trek down south for a couple shows.

Competition: Win Stuff Just For Voting!

That’s right, you read the title to the article that you are currently reading 100% correctly. There is indeed karma, it is a thing, and it will happen to you for a minimal fee of approximately three minutes of your time.

For the small price of going onto Budweiser’s website, and voting for a track of electronic music, (helpfully split into categories such as ambient, trance, house etc.) you can become a hero, nay a God amongst your mates. Budweiser will give you an ultimate night out with three of their mates, including flights to Sydney, five star accommodation, and VIP attendance to the Australian Independent Music Awards (AIMAs).

You know how fucking good that night would be? I mean, do you want to know what its like to live as Jay-Z for a night? It’d be pretty fucking great right? Forget all the bullshit #bestniteeva, Budweiser are giving you the opportunity for a night that you will never forget or repeat. And in the process, you are potentially helping some young gun producer get the jump in the music industry they deserve.

So hit up this link, and pray for the spoils of war to fall your way.

Video: The Dirty Nil-Nicotine

I’ve been a big fan of The Dirty Nil for quite some time now, ever since that awesome anthem ‘Fuckin’ Up Young’ made itself a resident in my earholes. Well, now, The Dirty Nil are back with another song, and it is quite frankly, pretty fucking great. It’s short, sweet and contains all the angst-filled howls, guitar squal and energetic fervour we’ve come to expect from the band. However, the video takes the cake-its Jerry Springer for the bored hipster audience, the band arguing over banging an alien on National TV. That’s pretty fucking great right? Wrong. It is awesome. Glad we got that sorted out.