New: The Naysayers-Dee Eye Why

The Naysayers are a band down from Melbourne way that fucking rule harder than a wombat smoking meth and riding a surfboard. Their EP is a ramshackle, rickety thing, swinging in the breeze like some sort of rock n roll Tower of Pisa. However, once you get the fuck over yourself and actually listen to The Naysayers, you’ll see that this is a band with more badassery than a baby between Patrick Swayze’s mullet and Robert de Niro’s mole.

‘Dee Eye Why’ opens with ‘Too Oh Too Canning Street’, a makeshift harmonica rocker that has balls of steel and more wallop than The Mystery Salsa at any dodgy taco stand. The spice and fervor gets turned up a notch on the Greaser-punk of ‘I Didn’t Fall In Love Just To Stand In Line’, which kicks around harder than Bruce Lee if his hands were cut off. The slime punk takes a turn for the snotty on ‘Kleptomaniac’, an accusatory ‘I know that you steal!’ motif running next to the shouted ‘Kleptomaniac’ that snaps with crocodile teeth. Far from being a one-trick pony repetition, the proteges of Lars Ulrich, manage to bust out a badass solo in the middle of the track which saves it from monotony.

The second half of the EP is where shit gets to really start kicking up, in case you weren’t totally out of breath from the first half. ‘They Ain’t Swallowing Melodies’ has the sort of swampy pub-rock of country boys stirring up trouble that made Dukes of Hazard and Parquet Courts awesome. Next one, ‘Nothing But Change’ puts rockabilly into warp drive, a headlong descent into loose rock charisma. However, it’s the finale of ‘Groovin’ Sub Atomic Beach Party’ (posted above) that takesThe Naysayers ‘Dee Eye Why’ from legendary badassery to madder than mad cow disease. It plays like a lost track from a Quentin Tarantino, brilliantly old school in style, but very fucking dangerous as well. The haunted Old West atmosphere is just plain fucking awesome, and the move into the call-to-arms riff is more badass than John Wayne cooking you a steak. You can’t help but fall steadily in love with this song, it is just so, so, so fucking great.

Overall, the album is a fucking brilliant piece of rough garage rock n roll. The Naysayers have got the whole scruffy sound down to a fucking T. Who gives a shit if you lost all your money making this EP? It sounds fucking mental, and you can take that all the way to your financial woe-ridden graves. So, instead of seeing this dope fucking band flail in economic hell, go see one of their many shows happening down in Melbourne, or buy a copy of the EP. If you’re struck for cash as well, you can grab the EP for free download at their Bandcamp, right here. Either way, you definetely need this EP in your collection, filed under ‘badass’.


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