New: Ausmuteants-Hate This Town

Mad, rad and totally bad…ass, it’s the brand new track from Melbourne punks Ausmuteants. Fuck, their old album and EP’s have previously got my gonads so morbidly twisted, I’m pretty sure this new LP is going to castrate me. Oh well, there are worse ways to lose your dick than jamming to sexcellent avante-gardeness that sounds like the bastard child of Chrome. Anyway, the first portion of the Frankenstein monster that will inevitably be ‘Amusements’ is ‘Hate This Town’, a song that surprisingly hangs onto the minimalist, and shies away from being too in your face. Another surprise is the upbeat synth melody, however everything is in balance with the sullen-grey nihilist lyrics that Ausmuteants do best.

If you want more Ausmuteants, you can visit their Triple J Unearthed page, and grab a couple tracks for free, including the excellent ‘All Talk’.


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