New: The Persian Leaps-Praise Elephants

When you name your EP ‘Praise Elephants’, either you are really into Hinduism, or you’ve just got a big, bad sound that’s comparable to the wide girth of an elephant. The Persian Leaps, a noise pop band from Minnesota (land of the Vikings), go with the latter, featuring a college rock sound that tightens up the slack of greats like Guided By Voices and Teenage Fanclub, with a little bit of that romantic Replacements thrown in there as well. It makes for a very nice mix, as the opening track ‘Hard Feelings’ (posted above) will attest to. Layered fuzz and ragamuffin rhythms make way for a clean verse, that transforms again into a riff that claws at your system. ‘Not That Brave’ follows on with Pavement-esque bass rocking right up the front, whilst a sing-along narrative hangs around in the back. ‘Silent Treatment’ brings the thunder like a mid 80’s high school basketball movie, only the action is focused on the stoners hanging out on the bleachers. The hypothetical metaphorical movie is directed by John Hughes and stars a young Sean Penn, for those wondering at home. The catchiness only gains a flavour, like a really good steak, when the EP moves into a college rock version of The Cure’s introspection, on ‘Eternally Devoted’ (it’s even got a Cure sort of title). The EP is finished out with the brilliant shoegaze of ‘Sleepless’, a song that sounds like a lost work of Kevin Shields if he went through an R.E.M phase (it’s really fucking good).

Overall, The Persian Leaps aren’t just a band to ‘check out’….they’re an awesome band that you need to champion, like Rudy or Ferris Bueller. Do it.

You can buy the EP for $5, right here at The Persian Leaps Bandcamp.


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