New: Nathan Roche-You Are What You Are (free download)

Sydney based goose and Camperdown & Out member Nathan Roche, has just released a single from his upcoming debut solo record. Usually, solo record means ‘I had ‘creative differences’ with my other band members (read: I fucked one/all of their girlfriends) and now I’m just letting the creative juices flow’. Solo records have led to musical landmark albums from the likes of Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy), Johnny Borrell (Razorlight) and Slash (Guns n Roses-before you get all up in arms, have you heard a Slash album? They fucking suck). However, instead of releasing his inner poetic douchebag, Nathan Roche just sings about funny bullshit, and he does it the only way he knows how: awesome slacker-pop. Apparently, ‘You Are What You Are’ was inspired by being refused entry to Finger Wharf because he was wasted (Camperdown & Out’s words, not mine). Anyway, this song rules, and Slash sucks, that was the point of this post.


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