New: The Stevens-Hindsight

Chapter Music have had a better year than the cast of FRIENDS after Season 3: they’ve released albums by Dick Diver, Pikelet and The Cannanes. But hands down, hands fucking down, this new song from The Stevens is the best thing to come all year. Don’t think that I’m saying that lightly either-I love Standish/Carlyon’s album just as much as the next darkwave obsessor. But ‘Hindsight’ is more catchy than a baseball made out of candy floss hit by Babe Ruth. This song is something that you need to own. It encapsulates the whole Melbourne dreary-pop sound so fucking well, with the beautiful jangle, the down-and-out vocals/lyrics and the general Charlie Brown post-getting-punched-in-the-nuts vibes. This song will make tears well in your eyes, a smile splatter across your ugly mug, and your face will roll around in its neck socket like a bobblehead figure. ‘Hindsight’ is….beyond words good.

‘Hindsight’ is the first single from The Stevens’ debut record ‘A History of Hygiene’, coming out on Chapter Music on November 1st. You need to get that record, but you should also definitely buy their EP that they put out earlier this year. It’s got the Mikey Young seal, and it sounds stunners.



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