New: Jon Hopkins-Breathe This Air feat. Purity Ring

Terrifically amazing new song from legendary English post-dubstep producer Jon Hopkins, in tow with Canadian darlings Purity Ring. ‘Breathe This Air’ is icy cold to the touch, shattering its whole torso on the listener multiple times. Think of a really small Abominable Snowman, light as a feather, body slamming you over and over again. I’m aware that Abominable Snowmen are traditionally gigantic, ferocious creatures, but therein lies the skill of Jon Hopkins. The dude knows how to control sound, to create lush patterns that at the same time feel as though their minimalistic. Megan James’ vocals are simply to die for-as in, seppuku is in order after hearing her singing, because it’s doubtful you’ll ever hear something as beautiful again. Listening to this song is like hearing Portishead for the first time-simply breathtaking.


Jon Hopkins is playing Oxford Art Factory on the 14th of December, so if you’re into ethereal mind-blowing stuff, you might want to think about heading along to that.


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