New: Claws & Organs-Nothing to Learn EP

Get a load of this shit! Seriously, shovel it in your mouth like it’s the last source of grunge-punk in the world, because this EP from Melbourne’s Claws and Paws is chock full of goodness and rare intensity. The band tread along a fine line between hazed out-slackers and face melting shredding. Although the EP is only four tracks long, brutality doesn’t even begin to describe the in-your-face awesomeness that is Claws & Organs. Starting with the highlight of the EP, ‘Man of the House’ (track posted above), there is a trend initiated that proves that Claws & Organs are enticing as it they abusive. ‘Man of the House’ opens with a rollicking bass and a honeyed over but sweat encased verse structure, progressing to a tutting and strutting chorus that spits phlegm all over you and snarls self appraisement. Same goes for opener ‘Garlon on the Yarra’ with the Nirvana-esque, a thrash/slash/pash fuck you with a chorus that will reach inside of your chest cavity, tear out your bloody, still-beating heart and eat it right in front of you. Not to be outdone, ‘Super Ordinary’ take the average man tune that is being pumped out so consistently well, and gives it the grunge treatment, a fiery bass riff pummelling the track into your brain, and a yelp of ‘Super Ordinary’ smeared across your conscious. Final track ‘Paperback’ ensures that the beast has a fitting end, a fast and furious, no-bullshit sheen encasing this track that would make Vin Diesel’s hairless figure beam with pride. Overall, the ‘Nothing to Learn’ EP is decidedly frowning upon it’s own name-there is plenty of goodness to be gained from this fantastically bombastic EP.

You can grab the EP for absolutely nothing from Claws & Organs’ Bandcamp. Holy Shit! That’s right! You just got the next Mudhoney’s debut EP for fucking nothing! Fuck yeah! If you want to go see Claws & Organs (which you definitely should), they’re playing FBi Social on the 14th of November, and The Spectrum on the 15th.



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