Gig Review: Sures + Go Violets

Saturday 14th September @ Good God Small Club

ImageThere I was. 9 o’clock on a Saturday night. There was some sort of cherry infused vodka cocktail in my hand. I was surrounded by four beautiful women. And no, it wasn’t the sultry minxes I managed to convince to come to this gig with me (that’s your shout out Lisa and co., thanks for ruining my journalistic integrity), but the amazing garage pop foursome that is Brisbane’s Go Violets. They were one half of the double headliner that night at Good God, and by Brad Pitt’s Beard did they earn the title of headliner.

Go Violets, or Govies as they’ve affectionately become known as, create flawless summertime pop for a lazy beach day. Similar to Dum Dum Girls or Best Coast, this all girl group powered through their songs with utmost glee, flashing smiles and creating happiness whenever another of their hazy tunes was sparked. Although they were there to promote their latest single ‘Wanted’, a particularly captivating track of their whole swanky swag of songs, almost every single thing that burst forth from the stage was a delight to the earholes. Seriously, try to maintain a frown when something like ‘Josie’ or ‘Runner’ shines like Leonardo DiCaprio’s toothy grin, right in your face. It’s an impossible feat, one not even worthy of attempting because you’ll end up shitting yourself in the effort. Now try, if you will, to transform that into a super chilled out and boppy performance in a low ceilinged Mexican villa near Chinatown. Sounds like heaven right? Wrong, its more than heaven, because Govies are angelic performers that shit on the descriptor of heaven. These gals are performers, just kids out to have shitloads of fun and totally achieving it. Although the vocals were a little bit fucked at one point (sound fault, not the band’s fault), and the audience were reluctant to give up the role of chatty dickheads until about halfway through the performance, Go Violets remained flawless. Anyone that paid even the minutest amount of attention was swarthed in their basking glow of awesome. Extra points for the guitarist/drummer (that’s right, these ladies are multifaceted) rocking a Palms t-shirt. An awesome band needs to show recognition for equally awesome bands right?

After the blossoming set of summer sheen from Go Violets, it was the main-er event of SURES. Sydney locals that were originally a duo, which then expanded to a four piece, was tonight a holy pentagon of musical prodigies. Yep they rocked a permanent tambourine player that night. I couldn’t convince myself it that was awesome or fucking awesome. Probably the latter. Anyway, SURES rocked the stage at Good God. What started as a warm performance got slowly hotter and hotter until it was a broiling mixture of sweat and lava. The band really put out a good show for the local turn out. They kept chat to a minimum, but seemed to be having a pretty dope time on stage. There was a mix of the old and the new, stuff from the debut ‘Stars’ EP absolutely setting the crowd alight with excitement. The title track and ‘Poseidon’ were jaw-dropping, but it was an alternate, extended version of ‘Romeo’ which really got my bojangles janglin. The melted guitar splash solo outro was brain-frying. After hearing  a song I’ve heard countless times before, I turned to my female compadres and uttered a genuine ‘Ladies, you have just witnessed history being made’, before collapsing into a state of ecstasy.

After a Kylie cover that was actually good, and a wild and insane closer of lead single ‘Waste’ , in which the band put 80’s era Guns N Roses to shame on band energy levels, and swept the crowd into a rambunctious onstage riot, the night was finished. It would be easy to say that SURES and Go Violets put on a hell of a show together, but that would definitely be an understatement. Both bands are young, but they both have an onstage presence that belies their age, and both bands song writing abilities are way above par. Word of warning: go see these bands, or risk revelling in regret for the rest of eternity.

For some free SURES tuneskies click here. Ditto goes for Go Violets here.


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