Album Review: Bloods-Golden Fang EP


It’s no secret that Bloods are one of the best Sydney bands around town. Go hang out in Surry Hills or Newtown, initiate a conversation with anyone that looks like they know their shit, and soon enough the topic of Bloods will come up. It’s inevitable, or as Kim Jong Il would say ‘irreveratbrr’. Some would say that naming your band after one of America’s most bloodthirsty and intimidating gangs would be a dumb idea that would welcome a lot of mistaken idea (“Yo Crips, there’s a Bloods show tonight, bring yo GUNS!”). But Bloods reciprocate with music that transcends the teeth-gnashing and larger-than-life violence of Bloods (the gang). Instead, Bloods (the band) adopt the persona of an older gang, a cooler gang, one adorned with leather jackets, slicked greasy hair, and thick Italian-American accents. Bloods are the T-Birds! 

All about the fun times, the awkward first romances, the teenage love/lust, falling head over heels down mistaken and well-worn trails…this is Bloods territory. And they fucking own it like John Travolta owned the role of Danny Zuko. The charisma and infectious groove of opener ‘No Fun’ is undeniable. The band slide into the song, slowly easing the listener until they are submerged in scream-chants, a way better, slightly bitchier song than something from a 80’s garage punk track. ‘No Fun’ makes you want to twist your fingers, dart your eyes round the inside of your skull, and beam the biggest grin you’ve ever conceived.

An airplane takes off, and leaves the listener stranded in the friendly abrasiveness of ‘Into My Arms’, a bratty track that will get your blood pumping, no matter the situation. Next is the venom spitting ‘Bodies’, a crunchy guitar riff flopping into a murky and destructive chorus-centric track. 

Now, before you start pigeon-holing Bloods as some sort of average band that can definitely rock the fuck out but has trouble showing any diversity in sound…well, this next song is for you. ‘Back to You’ is a lingering romance-ladden track that will tug the fuck outta your heart strings. It’s a power-ballad-belting, no-shit-taking, focused-as-fudge song that will take you on the journey you never knew a garage band from Sydney could take you. Olivia Newton-John couldn’t have done it better herself.  

The final two tracks on the EP, ‘Hailing Down’ and ‘Language’ reflect the same sort of pattern as the beginning of the EP. Fun, bopping, and super addictive, they cool down the EP with satisfying gusto. The ending guitar/vocal/bass swishes on ‘Language’ are especially gratifying, as they show that Bloods are a band that are in sync with each other to a collective amazingness. Their ability to lock into what they are all playing, and noodle their various parts into a cohesive piece of garage rock is mind-blowing. Fuck yes, Bloods, fuck yes. 

You should consider going onto Bloods Bandcamp, right here. A bunch of songs are available for free. Just another reason to love Bloods. 


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