New: FFNORDZZ-Pop Stardom

Fuck, FFNORDZZ are a killer band! Listening to the ‘Pop Stardom EP’ is like hearing Times New Viking without the fuzz, which is a total plus. And although they possess a name impossible to say unless you are a demon/can speak Parseltounge, FFNORDZZ are undeniably awesome. Just take a listen to the title track from the EP . Featuring a tangled melody that would make any Nodzz fan lose their shit, and a super jangle chorus that is the literal sound visualisation of a lightbulb going off over an idiot’s head, ‘Pop Stardom’ is the track that will lead every loser into victory. FFNORDZZ do nerdy lo-fi like no other. You can grab the EP for free right here. It’s more worth it than walking two steps for a free mango.


New: Naysayer & Gilsun-Blue

Cool and funky new one from DJ duo Naysayer & Gilsun. These dudes aren’t as out there as some of my more preferred producers, but this track ‘Blue’ is fucking fantastic. It’s eight minutes of pulsating production, mostly focused in the deep house section of the electronica genre. Really low bass beats smother the track, but a hip synth melody pokes through the various traps of this beat, and forms a really textured and constantly moving sound. It’s a nice thing to listen to if you were going to need something to subtly fire you up before a Friday night, or conversely, if it’s 2 am in the Cross and the drugs are starting to wear off.

Naysayer & Gilsun are playing two shows in Sydney next week. There’s a DJ set at Good God on Saturday the 7th, and then they’re playing at FBI’s 10th Birthday at the Carriageworks on that Sunday. If you’re any sort of fan of electronic music, I’d recommend checking them out.

Video: Ivy St-Ten Ounces in the Sticks

Some amazing post-punk from Melbourne’s Ivy St. These dudes create a Nick Cave kinda sound scape, with the emphasis on the ‘kinda’. There is a poetic storyline delivered behind a complex but fragile mix of tall, gangly guitar that intertwines with some troll-like bass. Weird and enticing, like a good Mission of Burma track, ‘Ten Ounces in the Sticks’ is an awesome track. You can grab it for free from Ivy St’s Triple J Unearthed Page here.

Video: Go Violets-Wanted

Brand spanking new track from Brisbane dream-pop darlings Go Violets. Fuck, this is an astonishingly beautiful track. It’s so luscious and there isn’t a moment in the whole thing that doesn’t sound spot-on amazing. Despite traversing the same old road as the majority of the other dream-pop bands of broken romance, Go Violets outdo their contemporaries Blouse and Best Coast, and are absolutely killing it on ‘Wanted’.

Go Violets are playing September 14 at Good God, with SURES. I guarantee this is going to be one of the better Saturday nights of your year.

New: Twin Beasts-Bad Love

Ever wondered what Tex Perkins would sound like if he got stuck into meth and discovered the cowbell for the first time? Fear not, Melbourne’s Twin Beasts answer that question on their track ‘Bad Love’. It’s a growling, alternative rocker, full of cowboy charm and dusty camraderie. There’s plenty of spaghetti-Western influence in their, and I can’t help but think that Twin Beasts adorned ponchos and sombreros whilst they busted out that pearler solo.

It’s actually really, really good, but that’s to be expected, as Twin Beasts were formerly known as The Toot Toot Toots. Yeah, that’s a name you’ve probably heard before. Anyway, the album that ‘Bad Love’ comes from will be out in a couple months, around February next year. Fuck. Yes.

Album Review: Ghost Wave-Ages


I am so happy to have discovered this album. It’s an absolute pearler. If you can’t accept how amazing Ghost Wave are as a band, then you seriously need to get your head out of your arsehole and put down your N’Sync album, because there is a new revolution in music. And it goes by the name of ‘Ages’. Fuck this is a great album. God himself could not have crafted a tastier compilation of tracks. 


Ghost Wave are like a new wave band that got with the times. Think The Psychedelic Furs with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The songs on ‘Ages’ all scream urban bohemia, but not in the dumb hipster Brooklyn way you’d think. Ghost Wave are cool and awesome, but greatest of all, Ghost Wave have the element of authenticity, a characteristic so many others crave but fail to come even close to capturing. It’s this authenticity and obvious passion that goes into each groovy track that makes Ghost Wave a band such a pleasure to listen to.

Just take a spin on songs like ‘Horsemouth’, with it’s neo-pysch opener that turns into a no-frills slide into orgasmic sound. Or ‘Here She Comes’, a chilled and addictive guitar track, that also boasts a rhythm section that buzzes in your ear like a friendly bee, despite the paradox that sentence holds. The album closer ‘Orb’ is one for the next P@rtY Playli$t (don’t lie, that’s what you call all your playlists), a song that literally drips with fried confidence and blazes up to insane proportions. On a serious note, how many bands can write a good song called ‘Teenage Jesus’? That fact alone should convince you of Ghost Wave’s greatness. 

The best thing about this record is how fun it is to listen to. Not a whole lot of bands can claim that anymore. Everything is super dark, and serious, and sometimes that can be super graining to listen to. But then, on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got acts that are just laughable (Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne, Riff Raff) and the only way you can listen to them is if you sputter about how you’re ‘…doing it ironically, like duh!’. There’s only so many times someone can catch you listening to ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, before that shit gets old. But Ghost Wave strike the perfect balance. They just make cool, funky music that, like a party-loving parasite, will lay it’s good vibe eggs inside of you. These eggs will hatch and devour you from the inside, turning your cold, soulless being into something that could maybe entertain the possibility of a good time. Pulling away from the extended metaphor of airborne fun viruses, and to end on an utmost recommendation, Ghost Wave’s debut album is better than grilled cheese sandwiches. ‘Ages’ fucking rules. 

You can buy Ghost Wave’s album here, on their Bandcamp

New: Tully on Tully-Weightless EP

It is a pleasure to be able to review this EP. It resonate beauty like nothing else on a musical spectrum. It just radiates the word amazing. Fuck this is just really, really good shit.

Let me go back a bit. Tully on Tully are a Melbourne based, 5 piece indie band. Think less The Strokes, and a little more Washington/The Waifs. Tully on Tully have just realeased their new EP, ‘Weightless’. However, that title is  a bit of a disillusion-the band create a full and engaging sound like their very lives depend on it. The vocals of Natalie Foster are predominantly to blame for this. She has a voice that will make your jaw drop. Listen to any track on the EP, and your jaw will literally drop like ‘Gangnam Style’ Psy dropped from the public’s conscience after a month or so.

However, this does not understate the role of the music of Tully on Tully, the band itself isn’t some sort of back-up project. Nah, these dudes create swirling landscapes of sound that pierce like Jesse Pinkman’s eyes (on a side not: how great is Breaking Bad?).

The track above ‘Naked’ is just a fifth of the brilliance on the ‘Weightless’ EP. To get the full, shuddering effect of music, you’ll need to go buy the thing (do it). However, if you need some more convincing to hit up the local record shop, here’s a couple tracks on the bands Triple J Unearthed Page. All three tracks feature on the EP.

New: Cumstain-Princess Bitch

Squares and prudes of the universe stay away! Begone! For there is a band with a name so gargantuanely awful and unsightly it makes Fuck Buttons and Gay Witch Abortion look like Foo Fighters in comparison. It’s Cumstain everyone! I actually really dig Cumstain, their previous track ‘Bachelor’s Life’ was awesome, but this minute and a half Dragon Ball Z energy blast is fucking amazing. Despite a name that will probably incite vomiting from the queasier of us, these dudes make really great tunes. ‘Princess Bitch’ just throws itself around like a mental patient in a straight jacket.

New:The Last Vinci-Follow Your Order

For those that like the high octane, blood pumping rock music then The Last Vinci has just become your new favourite band. Better than the whole hunk of shit out there that call themselves rock musicians (cough* All Time Low, Good Charlotte etc. cough*), The Last Vinci is an Irish (via Italy; ooo exotic) band that will beat you into a new sense of life through their hard, fast and convincing rhythms. This shit is heavy but melodic and you should have no trouble fitting yourself into its groove.

The Last Vinci will be releasing their debut record towards the end of this year, so if you dug this track, fire yourself up for some more.

New: The Good Sports-Early Riser

Oh fuck man! I feel like Ripley from Alien back on Planet Earth-I feel at home. With this track playing, shit just seems like it’s going to be all right. This track has super funky vibes that only the best of Aussie garage rock bands possess. Think in the style of Gooch Palms and Straight Arrows-strong bass, surfie guitar, overly enthused and amateur vocals. ‘Early Riser’ is a robust rocker that will punch you in the kidneys, steal your car and then get you laid. Straightforward but punchy, The Good Sports fucking rule. You can grab two other tracks of theirs for free from their Triple J Unearthed Page here.