New Songs: The Clits + Ausmuteants + Housewives

BAM! New Clits! Inappropriate name, appropriate music for anyone who likes good shit. Nice, strummy bass line, Aussie as fuuuuuck vocals, the kind of song that a stoned wombat would listen to whilst trying calm his high blood pressure after getting rejected by some sweet looking wombat-lady. ’22 Past 5′ is a really nice jammy song that spreads itself through your mind like jam on toast on a hungover Saturday.

Technically, ‘All Talk’ isn’t a new song, as it came out on Ausmuteants’ album ‘Split Personalities’. But this version, out on the new ‘100 Ausmuteants Fans Can’t Be Wrong, 1,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’, is faster and more intense. Sung with bratty abandon and sporting a snotty who-gives-a-fuck organ, ‘All Talk’ is a big old middle finger to society, and even better, it sounds fucking great.

So, Sydney’s Housewives immediately gained a legion of punk fans just from the name of their new single ‘Fuck You or Fuck Yeah’. And it certainly lives up to it’s name. Deliriously  guitar with buzzsaw ferocity, that completes what every Bond villain failed to do: slice motherfuckers in half. It’s as sharp and brutal as The Bride’s samurai sword from Kill Bill. Fuck, it’s like old school Minor Threat all over again, minus the pretension and utmost dedication to just fucking shit up.


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