Album Review: Prevrat-Symbols


Okay, quick rundown. Prevrat is a cool dude that shares the name as Commissioner Gordon from Batman. So far, so good. He’s from Kansas City. No, I will not reference ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Even though I just did. Redundancy is an abundant trait of mine. Finally, the dude makes diverse music. Over the course of sophomore ‘Symbols’, he makes a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert look one-sided. Haha the joke is that the Chilli’s have a broad fan base. DID YOU GET IT? ARE YOU LAUGHING? DO YOU ENJOY MY HUMOUR?

Anyway, throughout the course of ‘Symbols’, Prevrat shifts from glossy and shimmering, to calm and romantic, to earnest and even fits in some rave-y metallic sounding stuff. The mood is constantly changing, but logically so. But when you reach the end of ‘Prevrat’ and compare the sunlit churchy ‘With Our Eyes Closed’ to the late 80’s trance fuck of ‘Choose’, it’s like a completely different album. In this feat, Prevrat rises above the rest, and gets the badge of honour. Fuck yeah dude. Fuck yeah.

Anyway, quick analysis of the tracks. The album shifts make it hard to pick a favourite, because everything is a standout in its own right. However, the double whammy (WHAMMY!) of the Moby-like industrial jitter-thumper of ‘Safe Distance’, coupled with the guitar led indie rock of ‘Abandoned’ was an incredible Sixth-Sense kind of twist that makes you feel all weird inside.

Another one of the best things about this album is the ways seemingly opposite genres interact seamlessly. Guitar pop, indie, electronica, synth rock, industrial, rave-they all meld into a very beautiful and harmonious thing. I don’t know what kind of shit is going on in Kansas, but if Prevrat is anything to go by, it seems like everything might be a whole lot better than one would think.

You can download this fantastic album for the price of an iPhone that you stole (totally free) from Prevrat’s Bandcamp right here. It’s worth the three clicks of a mouse.


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