Album Review: Dune Rats-Smile EP


Look at that cover. That’s a goddamn work of art. It’s what would happen if Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh would try to fathom at portraying if they all got together in one awesome timeline. Then they would go egg Da Vinci’s house, and steal Roy Lichtentstein’s weed. Because that dude was a total poser. 

Anyway, everyone’s favourite bong-smoking, slut-indulging, fried fiends Dune Rats released their third EP a couple months back. Yes, I’m late to the party, but that’s the way things are. What matters is that I am finally getting around to reviewing this stellar piece of awesome shit. The ‘Smile EP’ will probably go down as that Dunies EP that had ‘Fuck It’ and ‘Red Light, Green Light’ on it. The latter track is itself an urban legend for it’s film clip(s) alone. You know the one. You don’t? I won’t spoil it for you, but there’s a lot of weed. A lot. Fuck it, bring in the kids, make a game out of it. Count how many cones BC rips, then calculate how many brain cells he lost. All of them is the right answer. Also, if you feel shitting yourself with laughter, then watch the interview they shot with Simon from DZ Deathrays immediately after the clip. It’s funnier than Flash Gordon getting roasted by Patton Oswalt. On another note, somebody make that happen. 

Anyway, if you watched that clip (if you didn’t, you really should. You really, really should), you’ll kinda figure out how Dunies like to rock out (with their cocks out). They play music, so they can party and score free weed and groupies, and it’s just kind of a bonus that they happen to be extravagantly good at it. Every track on the ‘Smile EP’ is jammy, super-fun, and soaked-in-week-old-bong-water crusty. It’s got the jangles, it’s got the riffs, and it rubs against you in a most non-threatening way, like a smiling junkie in a unicorn onesie at Parklife. 

There is no way you can not have a good time when listening to the ‘Smile EP’. From Track 1 ‘Red Light, Green Light’, to the head bopping, booty shakers of ‘All You Do’ and ‘Burning Bridges’, to Triple J stalwart ‘Fuck It’, and the closer and general summarisation of the Dune Rats mantra, both in title and sound, ‘Stoner Pop’. Fuck me, this might just be the jewel in the Dune Rats crown that will inevitably be pawned off for that sweet as glassy shaped liked Godzilla’s dong and a quart of bud. Good on ya Dunies.

You can grab two old Dune Rats tracks off their Triple J Unearthed page right here. Also, if you’re in Sydney on Wednesday, the band will be playing honourable support to FIDLAR at OAF. FIDLAR are a band that I absolutely love, and would give any goddamn opportunity to see. Their debut album is my current favourite of the year. Hey-Zeus Christ, that would be a great show. 


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