Video: Chicks Who Love Guns-Pencil Neck

Shit on a stick surrounded by a moat of marshmallows, this is a great way to end a night. Brand new clip/song from Sydney thrash punks Chicks Who Love Guns. Fuck, these guys rock so hard, it’s like The Flintstones meets Slayer. Nihilistic punk-grunge at its sludgiest, Chicks Who Love Guns live up to their name. No, unfortunately they aren’t literally ladies rockin’ out bazookas, but they are pretty fucking explosive band anyway, so that covers the ‘guns’ part of the title. And if you have a baked bean fetish, then I guess you could call this new video sexy, which crosses off the ‘girls’ part. So, through the power of false logic, Chicks Who Love Guns are roughly morphed into their new clip. Despite the fact that makes close to zero sense, I guarantee you’ll have trouble not humming the chorus of ‘Goddamit!’ all week.


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