Black Vanilla-Call Your Husband (free download)

Holy shitballs, this is amazing. Like, one of my favourite electronic tracks of this year, insofar. It’s gloriously simple in it’s execution, but it contains so much at the same time. It’s like when you order a basic ice cream sundae, and then when you actually get it, it comes with whipped cream, a brownie, chocolate fudge sauce, whipped cream, jelly beans, gummie bears, sour worms, an extra scoop of ice cream and  a motherflippin’ cherry on top.

Black Vanilla is a collaboration between Sydney group Collarbones, DJ Plead, and Guerre, all fantastic producers and ambient aficionado’s in their own right, but when it comes together, dear fuck, do you need to be prepared. It’s actually going to blow you away when that song chimes in. Everything is gloriously smooth and creamy, from the chiming beginnings that ring like church bells in a post-apocalyptic Vatican,  a touch pad beat that jitters and bristles with deadly intention and…and, oh my god, that incinerating. ‘Call ya husband, he gun be late’ comes out of fucking nowhere, it’s so deep and demanding, like Judge Dredd if he were played by The Rock. Fuck, this track is electronic infused R n B at it’s best. Not even the mention of twerking can fuck it up. It’s just too good.

Fuck Justin Timberlake and his ‘ambitious’  20/20 albums. This is everything you need to hear this year.


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