New Obits-Taste the Diff (free download)

Today brings in a new taste of Obits with, the garage-bruisers that sound way older than they actually are. This is the first single from their thirds LP due out in September, titled ‘Beds & Bugs’. In traditional, furious Obits style, the band get right to the point, showcasing a simplistic and acute style that even translates into the short title. That or the band are trying to get down with the lingo of tha kids nd’ homies. Regardless of the reasoning behind the shortened name, it’s good to see that Obits haven’t lost Rick Froberg’s howlin’ Neil Young-ish voice, nor the urgent thumping of the guitar. Them sounds like fightin’ chords. The band even manage to fit in a wee little jam towards the end of the track, with all the restraint of Jack Black in School of Rock. 


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