Album Review: Prevrat-Symbols


Okay, quick rundown. Prevrat is a cool dude that shares the name as Commissioner Gordon from Batman. So far, so good. He’s from Kansas City. No, I will not reference ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Even though I just did. Redundancy is an abundant trait of mine. Finally, the dude makes diverse music. Over the course of sophomore ‘Symbols’, he makes a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert look one-sided. Haha the joke is that the Chilli’s have a broad fan base. DID YOU GET IT? ARE YOU LAUGHING? DO YOU ENJOY MY HUMOUR?

Anyway, throughout the course of ‘Symbols’, Prevrat shifts from glossy and shimmering, to calm and romantic, to earnest and even fits in some rave-y metallic sounding stuff. The mood is constantly changing, but logically so. But when you reach the end of ‘Prevrat’ and compare the sunlit churchy ‘With Our Eyes Closed’ to the late 80’s trance fuck of ‘Choose’, it’s like a completely different album. In this feat, Prevrat rises above the rest, and gets the badge of honour. Fuck yeah dude. Fuck yeah.

Anyway, quick analysis of the tracks. The album shifts make it hard to pick a favourite, because everything is a standout in its own right. However, the double whammy (WHAMMY!) of the Moby-like industrial jitter-thumper of ‘Safe Distance’, coupled with the guitar led indie rock of ‘Abandoned’ was an incredible Sixth-Sense kind of twist that makes you feel all weird inside.

Another one of the best things about this album is the ways seemingly opposite genres interact seamlessly. Guitar pop, indie, electronica, synth rock, industrial, rave-they all meld into a very beautiful and harmonious thing. I don’t know what kind of shit is going on in Kansas, but if Prevrat is anything to go by, it seems like everything might be a whole lot better than one would think.

You can download this fantastic album for the price of an iPhone that you stole (totally free) from Prevrat’s Bandcamp right here. It’s worth the three clicks of a mouse.


Video: Sebadoh-All Kinds

Fuck yes, Sebadoh, life is good. Watch the classic 90’s band fuck around and cause mischief in their latest video. No smoking in the restroom? FUCK THAT! Who has time for rules when you’re in Sebadoh, one of the greatest slacker bands in the history of the world. Also, check out Lou Barlow’s bed hair. I can smell a Sebadoh/Shear Genius spinoff. No but seriously, if that happens Sebadoh are dead to me. Until then, I will romantically fantasize about my kidnapping of the band to play in my basement.

Album Review: Thee Hugs-Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse


Ladies and gentlemen, to start the review, I offer a metaphor. The Hulk has just gone to Taco Bell. Uh-oh, bad move Hulk. After approximately 20 minutes, The Hulk eschews a wild hurricane of Hulk excrement. That, my esteemed reader, is my representation of the debut Thee Hugs record. Mean, green and dirty. Also, unique, slightly disgusting and revelling in the abysmal depths of a public toilet in a shitty chain restaurant. Goddamn it’s a beautiful thing.

There are four major hints before even listening to a single song on the album that it’s going to be a fantastic thing. Firstly, the band’s name: Thee Hugs. Every band with Thee tacked onto the beginning has a legendary status. Thee Oh Sees, Thee Headcoats, Thee Hugs. It’s a thing, trust me. Secondly, the album name: Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse. With a name like that, it’s not like your going into the album blind; you know that there’s going to be drug references abound, like a 2013 Fear and Loathing. Awesome sauce. Thirdly, the band members that form Thee Hugs are from the other juggernaut Brissy garage sphincters Tiny Migrants and Sulphur Lights. Highly recommend checking these acts out, if you have a soul. I mean, I don’t have a soul, and I fucking love them, so imagine how you’re going to react. Finally, the artwork for the album is done by Sam McKenzie, who also did cover art for the infamous Velociraptor and everyone’s favourite rabbit-masked maniac Nobunny, amongst others. So yes, before even listening to a track, I’m confident that I’m in very good hands.

And….I’m correct. Holy Fuck, am I correct. ‘Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse’ is a monstrous blistering ride through insanity. It cruises through the seedy streets of Brisbane in it’s shitty Toyota, picking up mates like The Wipers and White Lung, trying and failing to score with hotties like Tyvek and The Reatards, and finally ending the night by scoring some smack of this dodgy dealer called King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. That dude was fucking crazy. 

Anyway, the LP is a spaced out, sped up affair that throws its weight around in sub-zero gravity, just because it can. Tracks like ‘She’s My Girl’ and ‘You Can Run But You Can’t Hide’ showcase a Cramps horror-punk style, enlisting reckless abandon and shoving it up every orifice of insane until spew erupts from the concept’s nostrils. Then there’s stuff like ‘Somebody Pooed in the Pool’ and ‘Nazi Shooter’ that are just plain fucking weird for the sake of it. Did I mention I love it? Because I do, I really fucking do.

Thee Hugs are unruly and unrestricted in the best sense of the word. For a debut album, this breaks all the boundaries of what is considered normal, and that is a fan-fuckin-tastic thing. It’s beautiful in it’s ugliness, shining a light into the murky water just to see how big of a shit is down there. Hint: it’s gargantuan, and you gotta be at least a little bit impressed. Very good stuff. Very, very, very good stuff. Lux Interior would be so proud. 

You can buy (or stream, in case this review hasn’t convinced you of the retarded genius of Thee Hugs) on the band’s Bandcamp right here. There’s also a single ‘She’s My Girl’ on there for free. Get it….or a swarm of swamp monsters will bite off your genitals. Consider the circumstances and make the right choice. 

Video: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard-30 Past 7

The first official single from King Jizz’s upcoming 3rd album. Par the course for a King Gizzard song, it’s excellent. It sees the band take on shoegaze, and boy do they kill it. Singular notes that drip and smolder over a basin of beautiful dreary fuzz. It’s reminiscent of the 90’s British shoegaze bands like Ride, Swervedriver, or Slowdive. To put it in layman’s terms, ’30 Past 7′ is fucking sick.

New Songs: The Clits + Ausmuteants + Housewives

BAM! New Clits! Inappropriate name, appropriate music for anyone who likes good shit. Nice, strummy bass line, Aussie as fuuuuuck vocals, the kind of song that a stoned wombat would listen to whilst trying calm his high blood pressure after getting rejected by some sweet looking wombat-lady. ’22 Past 5′ is a really nice jammy song that spreads itself through your mind like jam on toast on a hungover Saturday.

Technically, ‘All Talk’ isn’t a new song, as it came out on Ausmuteants’ album ‘Split Personalities’. But this version, out on the new ‘100 Ausmuteants Fans Can’t Be Wrong, 1,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’, is faster and more intense. Sung with bratty abandon and sporting a snotty who-gives-a-fuck organ, ‘All Talk’ is a big old middle finger to society, and even better, it sounds fucking great.

So, Sydney’s Housewives immediately gained a legion of punk fans just from the name of their new single ‘Fuck You or Fuck Yeah’. And it certainly lives up to it’s name. Deliriously  guitar with buzzsaw ferocity, that completes what every Bond villain failed to do: slice motherfuckers in half. It’s as sharp and brutal as The Bride’s samurai sword from Kill Bill. Fuck, it’s like old school Minor Threat all over again, minus the pretension and utmost dedication to just fucking shit up.

Video: The Naked And Famous-Hearts Like Ours

I posted about this a couple of days ago, and here it is again; the brand new Naked And Famous song, this time with a pretty damn cool clip. I don’t really want to re-iterate what I said when reviewing the song before, so I’ll summarise and say it’s a good song that excites for the upcoming sophomore album from the Kiwis. However, the clip is another beast together, a suitably artsy and strange clip that is as visually enticing as it is dramatic and potent, all the things a good clip should be. There’s creepy twins (who are most likely telekinetic), a bench presser that has a pet tarantula, and a girl that can’t decide whether she’s happy or sad. Make of that what you will, or watch the awesome clip and figure it out for yourself.

Video: Bitch Prefect-Drifting

Have you ever wondered what 2001: A Space Odyssey would be like if it wasn’t, you know, long and shit? Well, Adelaide/Melbourne bucket of awesome Bitch Prefect try their best to answer that for you in their new clip for their brand new song, ‘Drifting’. Meandering and handsome, the track is just another of the myriad of reasons to love Bitch Prefect. They are one of the best new-ish Australian bands going around at the moment, at the same calibre of Twerps, Dick Diver and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. Although ‘Drifting’ is slightly slower (only by a bit) than the usual Bitch Prefect song, and doesn’t exaggerate the slacker aspects like ‘Walk Through the Door’ or ‘Holiday in America’, it still is an absolute gem of a song. I have literally soaked my pants in my sudden anticipation of their second record, ‘Bird Nerds’, out on the 4th of November, on Bedroom Suck. FUCK YEAH!

Album Review: Hebronix-Unreal


Two ATP Recordings reviews in one week? Gee Whiz that’s a lot! Not it’s not you patronising fuckwad, ATP put out some of the best shit on this planet. You heard the SQURL EP? That shit was balls deep in amazing, helped along slightly by the fact that Jim Jarmusch was in the band.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, the new Hebronix album. A little history lesson for those struggling with Trials at the moment (a list that includes myself-damn you standardised testing!). Hebronix is the moniker of Daniel Blumberg, who used to be in Cajun Dance Party, and Yuck. You probably know Yuck as being one of the coolest bands of the past couple of years. You are not wrong. However, Blumberg has left that group, and now most of the creative energy is focused in this new, Greek-hero-sounding project Hebronix.

As Yuck is to Pavement, Hebronix is to Elliot Smith. It seems that Blumberg just can’t get enough influence from critically lauded bands. Even though this album is super Smithy, it’s also got some other shit in there, like Neil Young, Bright Eyes, and Sparklehorse. So, yeah, it would be fair to say that ‘Unreal’ is like an indie orgy of some of the best acts of the past decade, all tied up with Blumberg’s stunning voice. It’s a soaring masterpiece of the melancholy underachiever.

The first two tracks, the 10 minute ‘Unliving’ and ‘Viral’ are excellent, but the album really hits its stride on ‘Wild Whim’.  The lyrics of ‘Your the girl I se in my recurring dream/the girl that took the time to learn the tambourine/your the girl that doesn’t give a fuck about anything’ may or may not go in the box for best guilty pleasure/beautifully cliched lyrics of the year, something that The Kooks wet dream about. Then there’s the serene descending solo that balances out agains the fuzz like a careening drunk on a New York Sunday night. ‘Wild Whim’ is an  astonishingly beautiful track that is by far the highlight on the album, something you can play whilst philosophising on a bus on a rainy day. In fact, I guarantee a Pitchfork employee is doing that somewhere in the world right now.

The rest of the album never quite reaches the lofty heights of ‘Wild Whim’ but it comes damn close. Earthy and lightly wafting ‘Unreal’ sheds a tear, ‘Garden’ digs in it’s heels and bares it’s Dinosaur Jr. teeth, and ‘The Plan’ is a delightful mash of the quaintness of Bright Eyes with the heart-on-sleeve of  Built to Spill. Musically, ‘Unreal’ is a top fucking notch. However, most of the songs seem to drift for maybe just a tad longer than they necessarily should. One 10 minute track is asking quite a lot already, but when everything bar one song is far beyond the six minute mark, Blumberg is certainly asking a lot of patience and dedication from an average listener keen for a geez of entertainment. It’s like wanting to see the Bearded Lady and ending up watching Cirque Du Soleil. Sometimes it’s just too much.

So yes, whilst Daniel Blumberg might have crafted one of the best listening albums that the snobby music fan will champion, (myself included), sometimes it looks like it might just be a bit too much filler and not enough ‘Wild Whim’ to entice the middle of the road Yuck fan. Still, it’s undeniably good shit, and an obnoxious round of applause is in order to Mr. Blumberg for ‘Unreal’.

HSC Trials Study Playlist

A lot of people are struggling with the Trials at the moment. I’ll make this brief: here’s a bunch of music that you can study to and will hopefully help you not fail. Nothing too weird or unsightly, nothing energetic, just really smooth relaxing music that will put you in a good mood and help you not go on a killing spree. 

1. Hebronix-Unliving

2. Twerps-Who Are You

3. Bearhug-Cinema West

4. Nite Jewel-One Second of Love

5. Modest Mouse-Baby Blue Sedan

6. High Highs-Open Season

7. Telling-Stella

8. The Beta Band-She’s the One For Me

9. The Flaming Lips-Do You Realize??

10. Elliot Smith-Ballad of Big Nothing

11. Portishead-The Rip

12. Elvis Depressedly-I’m Never Going to Understand

13. Laura Marling-Ghosts

14. Dick Diver-Water Damage

15. Shining Bird-Distant Dreaming

16. Ciggie Witch-Back Aches

17. I’lls-To: All the Blurred

18. Naysayer & Gilsun-In Mind (feat. Simon Lam)

19. Chet Faker- I’m Into You

Album Review: Oisima-Goddess EP


Adelaide’s Oisima is one of, if not the most, promising producers in Australian music right now. But Ryan you ginger shit-filth, I hear you cry, Oisima has been dominating the scene for, I don’t know, forever! Yes, I’m late to the party, but with a new single to flaunt (available for free right here), I thought I’d do a review of his second EP, ‘Goddess’. Its mindblowingly austounding how fucking good hip-hop beats with Middle Eastern flavour and a little trickling of talent can take things. The answer is to: to Alderaan and back.

Compromised of mostly instrumental beats that gloriously slide and overlap each other, the ‘Goddess EP’ is a sample namesake, something that should make DJ Shadow fans wet their fingers and clear out their ear canals in surprise. If DJ Shadow as Muhammed Ali, then Oisima is his Joe Frazier. Whilst DJ Shadow is uncompromising in his audio assualt, Oisima takes a more spindly route, wining and dining the listener, seducing them with various lush tracks until bam! You’re his number one fan.

At least, that’s the process of the first half of the EP. ‘Where the Light Is’ is a super small and tight-knit thing, forgoing extravagance in favour of touching all the right bits and bobs. After establishing himself, the listener is treated to some more left-of centre stuff on ‘Glow (feat. Adam Page)’. It certainly is a glowing track, that emanates a strange otherworldly warmth from the centre, and it would be as amiss as a bull without horns not to mention to smooth sultry saxaphone on the track. It’s goddamn sex. I feel like something non-consentual has taken place after hearing ‘Glow’, but the Motown meets minimalism electronica is too good to complain. Then comes the boom, bang, bop! the exclamation that frightens and entices, with ‘That Lovin’ Thing’. It starts bubbly, but slowly and assuredly gains the confidence to break into a Shlowmo mix, that eventually morphs into a drone-y accusation. If being yelled at by a girlfriend was minimalist Australian techno, it would be this.

Remember, the last few songs I’ve described are only the first half of the EP. There is still more of the same shuffling, voyeuristic and slanted stuff to be found on the remaining EP. That’s not to say that the rest of the stuff sucks, or is even bad. In fact, it’s the exact opposite-Oisima continues his brilliance throughout the EP, a swarming, buzzy energy that adamantly persists regardless of what song it is. Whatever song is playing, you’ll feel an unnatural sense of calm wash over you, and a supernatural love for the music of Oisima.

I’ll say it right now: Oisima is going to be the next big thing, not just in the Australian scene, but internationally. I can see him headlining shit with the likes of Nosaj Thing, Cashmere Cat, XXYYXX and all those other dudes. His brand is unmistakable, sexy and flowing like the dress of a Greek Goddess. Never mind the fact that sounds pretentious as all fuck, but if your any sort of chilled person that enjoys a little electronica here and there….get this EP. GET IT NAOW!

You can stream the ‘Goddess EP’ of which I just described right here, as well capture his brand new single in the Pokeball that is iTunes, from his Bandcamp right here. You can catch him at Tatler’s, Kings Cross on August 15th, or Outside In Festival on September 21st.