Album Review: I’lls-A Warm Reception

ImageI’lls have just dropped their new EP ‘A Warm Reception’, and it really see’s the outfit coming into it’s own skin. Whilst the previous ‘Thread’ EP was fantastic, it did feel a bit awkward in some parts, however this brand new material shows a comfortable side to I’lls, and with that comes the reward of a really, really good record.

If you’re a fan of Hail to the Thief, In Rainbows,and Kid A Radiohead, then you will absolutely froth over this EP. Same goes if you enjoyed the recent Thom Yorke/Flea/Nigel Godrich/Joey Waronker project Atoms for Peace. Now, there are a shitload of bands that parade around saying that they sound like Radiohead, but most of it’s bullshit. I’lls are the real deal, and they prove that without a doubt on ‘A Warm Reception’.

The songs on the EP are a silky, ambient spool of soft electronica, the complete opposite of the recent Go Yoko album I reviewed. It’s a gentle, soothing swaying record that is as light as it is warm. The opening track ‘Speak Low’ is a placid whisper, rain-patter guitars mindlessly rubbing against lossless vocals and swirling piano. Another dreamer is  ‘To: All the Blurred’. If you enjoy stuff by the likes of James Blake, Nicolas Jaar, or Shlohmo, get in on this. It’s a delicate, exuberant track that expresses itself in the minimalism rather than assaulting the listener. Wavy vocals that enjoy barely audible lyrics jut out on top of dry, intense waves of sound that wash the listener in a pastiche of disturbance. It’s a track that shifts from part to part easily, dragging itself like a zombie, albeit the prettiest fucking zombie you’ve ever seen.

Overall, I’lls have proved themselves to be at the forefront of Australian electronica. Forget Flume or Touch Sensitive, with their club-ready pounders. This is more in lieu of Oliver Tank, something that wraps it’s cold fingers around you into an unsettling embrace. It’s a fantastically unstructured and lurching soft-electronica piece that has protruded in my mind as something more than just your average midnight production jam on FBi radio.

You can grab the awesome new EP here, for free, off Yes Please Records Bandcamp. It’s worth more than a 2am Kebab, and it costs less.


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