Album Review: Go Yoko-White Noise Riot

Move the fuck over Chemical Brothers! Seriously fuck off, you’re time has been and gone ever since ‘Galvanise’ made us feel violated on multiple levels. Nope, there are new British dance floor purveyors and they go hard! Pulsating, undulating beats flooring electronic music in it’s path of self-destruction. Go Yoko are here to make you shit your pants and dance, and I’ve already shit my pants.

The album is a crescendo of lazer synths, warping effects and a drum machine that would kick the T-1000 arse any day of the week. Look no further than opener ‘Animus Maximus’ that puts the greatest Atari Teenage Riot to shame. It doesn’t groove but rather spits and spasms for all it’s worth, wasting no time in creating absolute havoc in it’s short 5 minute length, which whips by in a blur of hazy electronica. Another pulse magnet, this time with a little flavour is ‘Nocturnal’ which simmers like a fire, a bass line hammering your head like the soundtrack to the greatest sex you’ve never had, before bursting into a spectrum of singular synth strokes. ‘Song on the Radio’ takes on a distinctly Prodigy-esque feel, with the sinister vocals whipping a storm against drastic glitchy synths. And one cannot review ‘White Noise Riot’ without at least spewing over ‘Just Stupid’, a track that skins alive the very concept of breakneck electronica, darting at a dizzying pace, a whirring, jiving descent into squealing madness. It makes me not only feel stupid, but downright imbecilic, as the song leaves you no choice but to stare with your mouth agape at the giddy heights of the song.

This doesn’t just represent the song ‘Just Stupid’. The album, Go Yoko’s first studio LP, is a bombastic and dangerous approach to electronic music, stirring the rave pot into a frenzy of daunting proportions. Although the album does wane a bit about 3/4 through, it still manages to maintain an engaging piece of work, certainly more textually intriguing than some of the other shit that gets masqueraded these days. No, this old school rave was built to thrive and survive.

The album ‘White Noise Riot’ is available July 1st, however, you can check out their previous EP on soundcloud, tis sick.


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