New and Free Divine Fits-‘Chained to Love’

New and Free Divine Fits-‘Chained to Love’

Britt Daniels (Spoon) and Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade & Handsome Furs) have surprisingly just released a new single on their indie rock supergroup Divine Fits. What I initially thought was going to be a one off album (which happened to be one of the best released of last year) has wonderfully turned into a fully-fledged band that looks like it will continue for at least a while longer. You can grab one track ‘Chained to Love’ off their new single by clicking the above link, and for the price of an email address, you can be jamming to some politely macabre rock. Though not as stunning and nurtured  as tracks like ‘My Love is Real’ or their revamped cover of The Boys Next Door ‘Shivers’, it still has a little oomph in it to guarantee a spin or too. ‘Chained to Love’ see Boeckner on vocal duties, gasping ‘You know you’re not the only one/ Chained to Love!’ as some strings grind next to disjointed piano chords and trademark Spoon guitar riffing. A nice little jam to sadden the Friday arvo.


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