Album Review: Bang! Bang! Rock ‘n Roll-RAD

There’s a band in Sydney that are fucking awesome that go by the name Bang! Bang! Rock ‘n Roll. Now, with a name like that, you have to have some serious balls and music to back it up. You can’t just name yourself that and play folk music or German minimalist or whatever. Your music needs to be hard up, dirty and vicious music. Luckily, Bang! Bang! Rock ‘n Roll tick all those boxes.

It’s a rough album, but so are the band. It’s raw and physical and doesn’t mind rolling around in the muck. ‘Jessie D’ is a bluesy-garage feast, screamed in parts, like the 80’s Thurston Moore, and then followed by a ‘woah-ooo-woah-ooo-woah’, a la the pornstar version of the Beach Boys. The band gets their punky Ramones boots on in ‘Be With You’, grooving like a 60’s dance floor, irreverrent and careless. There’s also, ‘Do the Twist’ which is like The Beatles ‘Twist n Shout‘ if The Cramps punched it in the face. Just great, classic rock n roll. No one can howl or growl or snarl as well as BBRnR (yes, that’s what they will be called forever now)

However, Bang! Bang! Rock ‘n Roll aren’t the careless slackers of true rock n roll like they pretend to be. One just needs to look at some of the potential on tracks like ‘Everybody Hates Me’, ‘I Love You’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’. These are all fucking great songs that throw caution to the wind, and blast away. They are embodiments of the real garage rock spirit, where the fuzz and reverb are turned all the way up, the singer screams without any concern into the microphone, and everything just fits together perfectly. The solos are nailed, just perfect little ditty pieces jamming and sliding like a crate of beer in the back of ute. It’s an enjoyable romp of growling fun.

This is where our story gets sad. As the band puts it themselves, this album was done on the bare essentials. ‘We had no money, our guitarist/singer just left the band, 8 hours booked in a studio, and 10 tracks to lay down live in single takes’. Is that not a sob story? But they wanted to make a 60’s garage rock record, and they did that awesomely. Even though the album, and their previous EP/Single are available for FREE, help them out and spend a little dough on it. Help them flourish into a beautiful cupcake, icing and all (continuation of the dough metaphor/pun for those that got confused). I don’t want this band to break up because they end up being prostitute junkies in the Cross just to pay for their music habit. They’re too #angsty for that.


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