Groovin’ The Moo Playlist

What y’all muthafucka’s know bout cows!? Crack open a VB and hit up the ute and some birds, it’s gunna be a fuckin’ Straya sorta day tumura. That’s what I expect myself to say at tomorrow’s Groovin the Moo festival in Maitland. Long live bogans, and their tendencies towards fearless stupidity and inbreeding! As well as GTM’s fantastic taste in festival lineups.

1. Flume- Holdin’ On

2. The Bronx- Heart Attack American

3. Tame Impala- Alter Ego

4. Seth Sentry- Dear Science

5. The Kooks- Ooh La

6. DZ Deathrays- No Sleep

7. Fishing- Choy Lin

8. Alpine- Gasoline

9. Frightened Rabbit- Swim Until You Can’t See Land

10. Last Dinosaurs- Zoom

11. Hungry Kids of Hungary- Sharp Shooter

12. Midnight Juggernauts- Into the Galaxy

13. Regurgitator- All Fake Everything

14. The Temper Trap- Is This Happiness?

15. They Might Be Giants- Istanbul (Not Constantinople) 

16. Urthboy- Knee Length Socks

17. Tegan and Sara- Closer

18. Yolanda Be Cool- We No Speak Americano (I will definetely not be seeing these people)

19. Yacht- Le Goudron

20. Matt and Kim- Daylight 


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