Bambi’s Playlist

I have a friend, who has a ‘love’ for music. After perusing his iPod I was shocked at the amount of T.I and Ministry of Sound  that I could find. That’s like a concoction for the death of a musical nerd. My eyes grew abundantly wider at every song that came up in Shuffle. Sure, there was some good shit, but there were no Flaming Lips. Imagine…a life without the madness inducing Wayne Coyne present….it’s an unfathomable nightmare. Being the douchebag I am, I rose to rectify the situation as quickly as possible (ASAP if you’re into abbreviations, A$AP Rocky if you’re into overhyped hip-hop acts), and showed him Dinosaur Jr.’s ‘Feel the Pain’. To ensure no more audio-induced disaster is bestowed upon his poor, blonde head, I’ve made him this.

1. Dinosaur Jr.-Feel The Pain

2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-Satan Said Dance

3. Community Radio-Happening For Us

4. The Flaming Lips-This Here Giraffe

5. Generationals-When They Fight They Fight

6. New Gods-On Your Side

7. We Are Scientists-The Great Escape

8. The Rifles-Science is Violence

9. The Go! Team-We Just Won’t Be Defeated

10. Atoms For Peace-What The Eyeballs Did

11. Beat Happening-Indian Summer

12. Blakroc-Stay Off The Fuckin’ Flowers feat. Raekwon

13. Spoon-You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

14. Stereophonics-Dakota

15. Fruit Bats- The Ruminant Band

16. The Thermals-Now We Can See

17. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-666 Conducer

18. Cults-Most Wanted

19. Jonathan Boulet-This Song Is Called Ragged

20. The Joy Formidable-Austere


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