The A-Z of Indieness

Recently, in a trip to Kenya, I saw a man selling those signs that you put up in kids bedrooms so the can learn the alphabet. It’s got each letter, followed by a word, and then a picture. Kids associate or some shit, and boom, you have a fucking child prodigy. Anyway, this particular poster was different. It had the usual A for Apple, B for Bumblebee bullshit, but for G, instead of Grape, or Gynaecologist or whatever, it had Gun. Personally, I think that sends a kind of bad message to teach your kid that the first thing to associate with the letter G is a tool of death. But maybe that is just a reflection of the context and environment. So I thought I would create my own little A-Z for children who are bred from the particular hipster side of the gene pool.


B is for Black Moth Super Rainbow

C is for Come On, How Do You Not Know The UV Race, or Com Truise

D is for Death Grips

E is for Electric President

F is for Fleet Foxes or Fuck Off David Guetta

G is for Guided By Voices

H is for Have You Heard of This Band?, or HTRK

I is for Interpol, or I Only Like Icelandic Post-Wave Folk-Punk Goth Minimalist Techno

J is for Japandroids

K is for Kurt Vile and the Violaters, or Katy Perry Should

L is for Los Campesinos!

M is for My Bloody Valentine

N is for No More Maroon 5, or Neon Indian

O is for Orca Orca, or Orgasms Over Latest Arcade Fire Album

P is for Portishead

Q is for Quickly, Let’s Get Some Vinyl, or The Queers

R is for Radiohead (of course)

S is for School of Seven Bells

T is for TEEN, or Tame Impala Fan Club

U is for Unknown Mortal Orchestra

V is for Vivian Girls 

W is for Wu-Tang Clan

X is for XX, The

Y is for Yuck

Z is for Zeahorse, or Zilch of These Bands on This A-Z List Are Even Indie


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