Album Review: Chicks Who Love Guns-Moon Eater EP

Picture any 70’s or 80’s B-movie. An action flick, full of gratuitous nudity, blazing guns and muscle cars. Stereotypes running rampant in the no holds barred Wild West. Mustaches adorn every male character. Every girl has breasts at bursting point. The protagonist, a quiet, steely gunslinger faces off against a greasy villain. A tumbleweed rolls between them. Their hands quiver at their sides, poised for action, eyes locked in combat. Suddenly, the protagonist draws and the scene becomes a flrurry of smoke, haze and gunfire. The soundtrack? Sydney five piece Chicks Who Love Guns brand spanking new EP, Moon Eater, of course!

Bullshit-proof, and very old school, Chicks Who Love Guns combine garage rock with an injection of heroin infused, uncaring punk. The atmosphere derived from any single song brings to mind a couple of stoned guys with long hair, howling into a microphone in a basement, and thrashing on guitars and bashing drums. Essentially, that’s exactly what they are. Perfect. That could actually not get any better. That is, personally, my favourite kind of band. Bass heavy, like they are calling up the demons from the bowels of hell, and infused with punk, muddy riffs, the band calls to mind grunge punk heavyweights like Mudhoney and The Melvins. Not a bad comparison for a band that’s been out for only a couple of years.

4 songs. 14 minutes and 9 seconds. Pure, unabashed fury. Unconfined and unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. A snotty, no holds barred fuck you to the music industry, this is Chicks Who Love Guns at their best. The cover gives a pretty good indication of whats to come. It portrays a jubilant girl looking up, with a moon etched into her head. A pink filter goes over the photo. It’s the kind of photo that screams “at heart, we’re pretty. But we’re also very very fucked up, and there’s a very good chance you’re about to be offended”. There is only one choice, but to play the record.

The current single, and opening track is ‘Shin-Okubu’. The track doesn’t really find it’s pacing, but once it does, it knocks the wind out of you. Angry and relentless, it screams the question of how come no-one gets taken seriously any more. The chorus feels like someone is nailing music into your head. Pretty straightforward for a song with such a weird title. The track flows pretty easily into title track ‘Moon Eater’. Once again, very teenage, very dumb, very awesome. These guys seem to parody the stadium rock sound, and satirise it well, producing a dirty, sarcastic, and indie version. There is so much grit, and intensity. The boys question their insanity, however it’s pretty clear they are insane.

The record doesn’t take it’s foot off the pedal for the remaining tracks. ‘Quicksand’ is just as fast and bellowing as it’s predecessors, and there is good contrast between the verses and chorus. The bass really takes its toll in this song, and makes it just that little bit more mentally deranged and loose, and just that bit more exciting. The bass is the real unsung hero in the songs, giving a unconditional driving force and power unseen by Chicks Who Love Guns contemporaries.

The closer ‘Leech.’ is prime example of a reason to listen to Chicks Who Love Guns all the time. Although initially pretty simple, after a few listens, you actually begin to realise the song is a bit more complex and intricate than how it first appears. Chicks Who Love Guns aren’t some hipsters who like Nirvana. They’re dirty, drugged out, garage rockstars, and they belong in the top tier of their category. That category of course, is people that should be gods.

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