New Artist: The Voltaire Twins

Western Australia has a reputation for being an absolute shit hole. It’s a fly infested, sand ridden wasteland devoid of happiness and incapable of human pleasure. The only people that apparently live in Western Australia are miners, the older generation and people who play AFL. However in recent times, Western Australia have been pumping out quite a few brilliant musical acts. Astonishing, I know. The Western Australian repertoire includes San Cisco, Eskimo Joe, Pond, and the latest band on my radar, electro-pop darlings The Voltaire Twins.

The Voltaire Twins are absolutely glamorous, in a vintage, 60’s kind of way. They strike an image of Marilyn Monroe puffing on a long cigarette, fur draped over her shoulders. Musically wise, think of The xx or M83,with more up-tempo and catchier songs. They provide the casual listener with relaxing, feminine beats to drift along to, but there is so much more, as long as your willing to really listen to them carefully.

The magic of The Voltaire Twins can be split into two factors: the synths and the vocals. Everything else is pretty rudimentary, and plays second fiddle to the rest of their music. Firstly, the synths. Behind trawling electric drum beats that attune to simple pleasures and rhythmic beat, the straightforwardness is sure to keep you head is bopping. Then, the synths show their colours and provide the majority of listening pleasure. They are so clean cut and sparkling, both bass heavy and sprinkled, jumping to and fro from a high key to a low key. They are transcendent, and echo throughout every song, resonating perfectly with her voice.

The ‘her’ in question is Tegan. Not sure of her last name. She combines haunting melody with comforting charm, and builds every word to the tip of her tongue. She is the perfect voice for the band, as their groovy synth pop delightfully compliments her voice and vice versa. She crows, and inflects so quietly, but she annunciates and pronounces every word, and you can understand every phrase she says. You have to understand, I’ve been listening to punk for a long time, and you’d be lucky to entangle an intelligible grunt from any of those bands. The Voltaire Twins are such a brilliant change of pace, and provide smooth, crisp pop for any type of listener.

If you need any more proof, simply watch the video for Young Adult. It completely summarises the vibe. Young and quirky, The Voltaire Twins want to celebrate and expand their outlandishness, and in fact, find comfort in it. They celebrate their diversity and difference, instead of holding it back. Everything in the video and song is highly technically proficient and has flair. Basic in structure, but when put together, flawlessly complicated and brilliant.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot of people who will instantly hate The Voltaire Twins after a few bars. But give them a chance. They’ll grow on you.

Triple J Unearthed Page:


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