Video: Collarbones – Turning

Nup. Fuck off. How can something this fucking brilliant exist in the vacuum of time and space. Collarbones are simply too genius to grace us with their prescence. Honestly, it’s not really fair on them that they have to exist on the same city, nay the same world, as Soundly Sounds. If you looked up juxtaposition in the dictionary you would see a infographic saying: Collarbones > Earth.

This all comes to a head in the video for their latest masterpiece “Turning”. Not only does it feature the glorious talents of Matt Banham (of Matt Banham’s Jokes Internet f@me) Marcus Thaine (ultra cool dude at Siberia Records) Doug and Russell from FISHING and a host of others, doing their best Gordon Gecko x a Reddit Forum x Swag impressions, but SPOD (Yes, THE SPOD) took care of doing art installations/dance choreography. Prepare your mind to go on a psychedelic trip with Marcus Whale and Travis Cook as your sonic guides, refreshing your eyeball’s taste buds with a gory, seizure-inducing plethora of images. It’s like Beyonce took acid at a Marrickville warehouse party and her mind’s eye was turned into a music video.

Flurries of the Matrix, rotating chairs of vaguely disappointed looking heroes of Sydney, and a weird adoration with a Chinese vase are all teh status quo of what is the greatest video of the decade. Throw all of that next to a constantly revolving orgasm of outfits from cyclist chic to twerking-man-wrapped-in-silver, and you’ve got something of jilting beauty that will probably never be matched.

Album Review: Step-Panther – Strange, But Nice

Hey man. I heard your girlfriend just broke up with you. That sucks, bro. Really, I can empathise. Ain’t nothing worse than getting your heart shat on. So, where do we go from now, hombre? We can either a) drink until we puke b) take acid and try to fuck some leprachauns, until we sober up and realise they’re garden gnomes, or c) play some Step-Panther. In all seriousness, Step-Panther might have just taken over Twerps in terms of providing the ultimate break-up soundtrack. Sure, the person that you used to bump uglies with may be feeding your emotions through a tree-shredder, Fargo-style, but at least there’s Step-Panther providing the bonafide album of the year.

Going into ‘Strange, But Nice’, there’s the immediate notion that Step-Panther have altered course. Whilst some unimaginative dickknobs might call this ‘maturing’, it is most definitely not. It’s the sound of a band that are stretching themselves out, exploring new territory, diversifying themselves from their original roots. About 70% of the time, this ends in disaster. But Step-Panther have completely pulled it off, and taken their sound in a new direction, propelled by a momentum that I honestly thought had been lost from music. Step-Panther have built on the direction they hinted at on tracks like “Bad Mood” and “Dreamcrusher”.They intricately mix their previous excellence at shredding with songs that blossom into incredibly personal and hurting testaments from frontman Stephen Bourke. The result is an album that is both complex and beautifully simplistic.

The album starts off incredibly strongly, chucking a bit of a Palms, and opening up with a solo acoustic number that almost tricks the listener into thinking that they might have cracked onto the next Elliot Smith. But then there’s a double-whammy of “Nowhere” and “User Friendly”, irreverent and insanely fun tracks that point to Step-Panther’s origins as a band that loves to strap on a guitar and beat the shit out of some riffs. “Nowhere” is especially potent, swelling like that chick from cult horror movie ‘Slither’. It feeds itself, ballooning into a goddamn masterpiece of headbanger heaven. This vein of excellence is continued later in the record on tracks like “Namor”, “Zombie Summer” and “Something Must Be Done”, speedy, semi-doom laden riffs skating over bass-gods and wicked drum twacks that threaten to split your head open like you’re a 12 year old with greasy hands climbing a jungle gym.

But the real beauty here comes from Step-Panther’s ability to lay it all out, baring themselves to the world with some of the best songcraft to come from this smouldering island that is Australia. “Parallel” is a complete and utter standout, something that gives me (and everyone else) shivers whenever it comes on. It’s like if Bob Dylan had grown up in the ‘Gong and was exposed to radiation. It’s quaint but weird, heartbreakingly honest, and the little quavers in Stephen’s voice when he hits the chorus causes my own mouth to shake uncontrollably. “Don’t cry,” I whisper to myself. “Don’t be a pussy. Put on some Metallica or something. C’mon. Who’s a big boy? You’re a big boy”. But, just like the protagonist, I’m going to wish that phase goodbye, and sink into the rest of ‘Strange, But Nice’.

This. This album. It’s got everything. Star Trek, swamp monster and retro-video game references, Big Scary’s frontman on production duties, and the perfect duality between decapitation-shredding and lyrical/musical prowess to tear your heart out through your chest. Fuck, it’s an underdog story about loss, repulsion and the faint hope of moving on. There’s not a whole lot more to say here, other than that you need this record in your life. Pronto, now, immediately. Andale andela! Arriba Arriba! Record of the year, right fucking here!

New: FLOWERTRUCK – I Wanna Be With You

Pop Alert: FLOWERTRUCK have got a new one. Fuck, how sick is that? In my mind, you just shouted an earthquake-instigating “YESH!”, and flecks of spit showered your entire surroundings.

“I Wanna Be With You” manages to be both melancholy and dapper, a solid mix of The Smiths going full-blown pop. The duelling male-female vocals are a highlight, and the glistening guitars make this song perfect for an indie film that has the word ‘wistful’ in the title.

New: Flash Forest – Head Distortion

I haven’t been listening to a shitload of electronic stuff lately, but this new one from Melby production maestro has got my ulcers jumping out of the roof of my mouth (Ladies…). That’s right, one of the most disgusting things known to man, revolting and creepy by nature, is being moved and is dancing to the beat of this insane new track.

Electric yet tribal, “Head Distortion” is like being thrown around in the washing machine of the guys from Flight of the Conchords from the future. Wacky, zany, and flitting between all sorts of amazing production styles, “Head Distortion” is the kind of song that will have your body contorting like you’re trying to join a freak circus with incredibly high standards for applicants.

New: GL – What Happened To Us?

Although it doesn’t have that immediate pop electricity of their debut single, GL’s sophomore release is the kind of thing that’ll get fans of BANKS and FKA Twigs decapitating all who stand in their way when GL get around the releasing their EP. Although not entirely for me, this GL track does have some lovely squelchy synths and the vocals are spot fucking on. If GL and Collarbones make a track together, Australia’s electro/R&B scene will collapse under the web traffic.

Top 5 Records w/ Richard In Your Mind

Richard In Your Mind. Now that’s a band that know all about the simple pleasures in life. They’ve pumped out a plethora of records since their inception in 2006-ish, and the best of these albums, in my opinion, resonate from RIYM bending straightforward themes into mind-altering escapades. From older tracks like “Mozzarella” and “P.S I Love You”, to their new one “Hammered”, which has to be among the songs of the year, Richard In Your Mind know how to make pysch-pop work on a laid back level. Must be the beards.

You see? That’s a track that contains a basic little flute riff, a cool-as-fuck guitar and some lyrics about getting hammered in the daytime with ya bae. And it’s fucking brilliance. I decided to hit up old mates, and see what THEY reckon are the best records that dwell on the simple pleasures of life.

Top 5 Records w/ Richard In Your Mind

1. Harry Nillson – The Point

In the morning when you wake up it can be nice to have a story told to you, especially if the person telling the story has an amazing voice. The Point is sometimes spoken, sometimes sung and always wonderful. “Me and My Arrow” is a classic.

2. Cibo Matto – Viva La Woman

Do you know your chicken? Well that is a tough question to answer for anyone. I have come to realise that you cannot truly know your chicken until you have danced around your living room to this masterpiece.

3. Ravi Shankar – Three Ragas

Another morning album. It can be nice to ease into the day.

4. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

Now it’s partytime. This might be the best song ever written in the history of music. But you already knew that because you’re cool

5. Apeman – The Kinks

The simplest pleasures in life are the things we have enjoyed since we first evolved from apes over 100 years ago. Sometimes you need to get in touch with your inner apeman or apewoman and get down with some wooden clubs and raw meat.


Richard In Your Mind’s ‘Ponderosa’ is out now on one of the best labels in the world Rice is Nice. Review here. They’re also playing the Lansdowne on Friday October 17th FOR FREE. Get your beautiful head down there!

New: Los Tones – Psychotropic

There’s been a hell of a lot of garage-psych in the past few months, and Los Tones are in the thick of it. All though the genre is becoming a tad played out, Los Tones still stick themselves in, and “Pyschotropic” shows that the group aren’t going to lose their edge any time soon. The track is sticky and sickly, contorting at all angles for that circus freak chique. Raised in a swamp and unleashed via a blooming guitar solo, “Psychotropic” remains to be a good bit of fun to chuck on in for the prelude to your mushroom trip.

Video: Drunk Mums – Nanganator

Hot off the press! It’s the new one from Drunk Mums, and it’s a fucking belter! Who would’ve thunk that a bunch of blokes out Melbourne with an affinity for punk rock, mullets and previous hitz titled “Rubbing Your Gums” and “Switchblade Stoned”, would have an affinity for Nangs? Man, these guys are full of surprises!

Besides being an absolutely kickarse song to punch some nitrous oxide to, the video is a demonic VHS ode to washing machines, police brutality and blowing shit up. Especially acoustic guitars. Fuck acoustic guitars.

Video: Multiple Man – Persuasion

Prepare your mind to be severely maligned by the audio-viusal equivalent of Tron being invaded by the members of Joy Divison, Bauhaus and Chrome, whom are all on a collective acid trip. This video is what all this darkwave and wickedly fucked up electronic music has been leading towards. I mean, there’s that top-teir of Australian acts like Standish/Carlyon, Forces, and Four Door, and Multiple Man have just thoroughly invited themselves in.

“Persuasion” is all kinds of sludgy, sticky synths and drum machines, oozing themselves onto you, covering you in a thick, black slime. “Persuasion”also features some fairly leather-coated vocals, which run underneath the slicing, heavy-breathing synths. The Campion Brothers have outdone themselves.

As for the video, it can really only be described as one of the greatest things you’ll see. It’s a combination of video technology being fed through the teeth of a tree shredder possesed by Satan…there’s no time to explain – watch the video.

This is basically the music that a zombie version of Shaft would get groovy to. If that doesn’t make you go batshit crazy to go and listen to something, you have no soul. Buy their other shit here.

New: Love of Diagrams – Eyes

Fuuuuuuck, it has been a long time between beers for Love of Diagrams. In fact, their last album ‘Nowhere Forever’ was out in 2009! That’s five burger-flippin’ years since the collective community has had any LOD material to cry themselves to sleep on a Saturday night to. What I’m trying to say is that it’s been far too long.

Luckily, their new one “Eyes” is exactly what we’ve been wanting, and even a little bit more. It’s a transcendent track, packed with reverb, duelling, ghostly vocals, and the slow build of gratingly beautiful music floats itself into a far too short 4 minute run time. But the ecstasy that is wrung from this MBV-meets-Melbourne band…it’s enough to satisfy your average coward puncher’s night in King’s Cross. Simply and utterly stunning.

Love of Diagrams will be coming out of hibernation for an ultimate party time, headlining Bedroom Suck Record’s fifth (!) birthday party shenanigans. The rest of the lineup features GLOSS (ex-Circle Pit), Terrible Truths, Martyr Privates, and Superstar! It all goes down at Goodgod, on Freeday 7 November. SHLICK!