Top 5 Records w/ Richard In Your Mind

Richard In Your Mind. Now that’s a band that know all about the simple pleasures in life. They’ve pumped out a plethora of records since their inception in 2006-ish, and the best of these albums, in my opinion, resonate from RIYM bending straightforward themes into mind-altering escapades. From older tracks like “Mozzarella” and “P.S I Love You”, to their new one “Hammered”, which has to be among the songs of the year, Richard In Your Mind know how to make pysch-pop work on a laid back level. Must be the beards.

You see? That’s a track that contains a basic little flute riff, a cool-as-fuck guitar and some lyrics about getting hammered in the daytime with ya bae. And it’s fucking brilliance. I decided to hit up old mates, and see what THEY reckon are the best records that dwell on the simple pleasures of life.

Top 5 Records w/ Richard In Your Mind

1. Harry Nillson – The Point

In the morning when you wake up it can be nice to have a story told to you, especially if the person telling the story has an amazing voice. The Point is sometimes spoken, sometimes sung and always wonderful. “Me and My Arrow” is a classic.

2. Cibo Matto – Viva La Woman

Do you know your chicken? Well that is a tough question to answer for anyone. I have come to realise that you cannot truly know your chicken until you have danced around your living room to this masterpiece.

3. Ravi Shankar – Three Ragas

Another morning album. It can be nice to ease into the day.

4. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

Now it’s partytime. This might be the best song ever written in the history of music. But you already knew that because you’re cool

5. Apeman – The Kinks

The simplest pleasures in life are the things we have enjoyed since we first evolved from apes over 100 years ago. Sometimes you need to get in touch with your inner apeman or apewoman and get down with some wooden clubs and raw meat.


Richard In Your Mind’s ‘Ponderosa’ is out now on one of the best labels in the world Rice is Nice. Review here. They’re also playing the Lansdowne on Friday October 17th FOR FREE. Get your beautiful head down there!

New: Los Tones – Psychotropic

There’s been a hell of a lot of garage-psych in the past few months, and Los Tones are in the thick of it. All though the genre is becoming a tad played out, Los Tones still stick themselves in, and “Pyschotropic” shows that the group aren’t going to lose their edge any time soon. The track is sticky and sickly, contorting at all angles for that circus freak chique. Raised in a swamp and unleashed via a blooming guitar solo, “Psychotropic” remains to be a good bit of fun to chuck on in for the prelude to your mushroom trip.

Video: Drunk Mums – Nanganator

Hot off the press! It’s the new one from Drunk Mums, and it’s a fucking belter! Who would’ve thunk that a bunch of blokes out Melbourne with an affinity for punk rock, mullets and previous hitz titled “Rubbing Your Gums” and “Switchblade Stoned”, would have an affinity for Nangs? Man, these guys are full of surprises!

Besides being an absolutely kickarse song to punch some nitrous oxide to, the video is a demonic VHS ode to washing machines, police brutality and blowing shit up. Especially acoustic guitars. Fuck acoustic guitars.

Video: Multiple Man – Persuasion

Prepare your mind to be severely maligned by the audio-viusal equivalent of Tron being invaded by the members of Joy Divison, Bauhaus and Chrome, whom are all on a collective acid trip. This video is what all this darkwave and wickedly fucked up electronic music has been leading towards. I mean, there’s that top-teir of Australian acts like Standish/Carlyon, Forces, and Four Door, and Multiple Man have just thoroughly invited themselves in.

“Persuasion” is all kinds of sludgy, sticky synths and drum machines, oozing themselves onto you, covering you in a thick, black slime. “Persuasion”also features some fairly leather-coated vocals, which run underneath the slicing, heavy-breathing synths. The Campion Brothers have outdone themselves.

As for the video, it can really only be described as one of the greatest things you’ll see. It’s a combination of video technology being fed through the teeth of a tree shredder possesed by Satan…there’s no time to explain – watch the video.

This is basically the music that a zombie version of Shaft would get groovy to. If that doesn’t make you go batshit crazy to go and listen to something, you have no soul. Buy their other shit here.

New: Love of Diagrams – Eyes

Fuuuuuuck, it has been a long time between beers for Love of Diagrams. In fact, their last album ‘Nowhere Forever’ was out in 2009! That’s five burger-flippin’ years since the collective community has had any LOD material to cry themselves to sleep on a Saturday night to. What I’m trying to say is that it’s been far too long.

Luckily, their new one “Eyes” is exactly what we’ve been wanting, and even a little bit more. It’s a transcendent track, packed with reverb, duelling, ghostly vocals, and the slow build of gratingly beautiful music floats itself into a far too short 4 minute run time. But the ecstasy that is wrung from this MBV-meets-Melbourne band…it’s enough to satisfy your average coward puncher’s night in King’s Cross. Simply and utterly stunning.

Love of Diagrams will be coming out of hibernation for an ultimate party time, headlining Bedroom Suck Record’s fifth (!) birthday party shenanigans. The rest of the lineup features GLOSS (ex-Circle Pit), Terrible Truths, Martyr Privates, and Superstar! It all goes down at Goodgod, on Freeday 7 November. SHLICK!

New: Unity Floors + Chook Race – Cheap Split 7″

Ahhh, normcore, where would I be without you? Where bands who like to talk about girls and getting drunk, strung together with a few nice, jangly chords and a flannel, can be called geniuses. That’s the dream, right?

Anyway, two completely underrated bands have joined forces from alternate universes, like Han Solo meeting up with Indiana Jones, and released a split 7″. The result is a band from Sydney and a band from Melbourne creating the perfect soundtrack for living in this half-awesome, half-shit dole-bludging, VB-sculling, beard-indulging community we call the Australian suburbs.

Unity Floors’ contribution is typically legendary, with “Hold Music” talking about lime, coconuts, mixing shit up, and frantic and triumphant distortion. It’s the kind of thing you put on when you feel like shit, and are ready for them to get a bit better. Also, the abbreviation of ‘CBF’ is used pretty well. That’s gotta count for something.

Meanwhile, Chook Race put in a bit more of a subdued effort, arresting in their own way. It’s a little Twerps-y, with the jangle-levels hitting a solid 9 on the CVB-S (Camper Van Beethoven Scale, the official scale to rank a band’s jangle output. Look it up). It’s a happy, bouncy and addictive number, small in size but big in heart, and sure to worm its way into your vast iTunes selection. In fact, Chook Race have probably chucked a U2 and penetrated their way into your Library without your consent. #SorryNotSorry


Unity Floors & Chook Race will be launching their new 7″ at The Standard Bowl this Friday, with Community Radio tagging along for ultra-good-fun-times. It’s free, and there’s cheap-ish beer!

Video: Mesa Cosa – Creepy

Who knows what the fuck to make of Mesa Cosa? They’re a crazed, bloodthirsty bunch of cannibals who know how to cook up a tasty riff, and then plunge it into a coal mine, only releasing it when said riff resembles a child of the wilderness.

And they’ve got a new song! “Creepy” is exactly what it sounds like, a track made from speaking witchcraft into a 4-track, and the result is a splattered calling to join the cult of Mesa Cosa.

The video clip is a dramatic re-enactment of the Mesa Cosa cult doing role-call. Bathed in bruised lighting, the band yell, scream and plod with a terrifying succinctness, hurtling towards doom. Like a car crash, it’s impossible to look away from the derangement on display, with blindfolded saxophonists, panthosed audience members crying in delirium and enough upside down close-ups of teeth to give a dentist a hot sweat.

“Creepy” -it’s like hanging out with King Gizzard at the morgue, just as a zombie massacre begins. What I’m trying to say is, wherever Mesa Cosa are when they play this, you want to be there as well.

Mesa Cosa play Frankie’s Pizza next Thursday, 18th of September. FREE dawg.

Album Review: Bearhug – So Gone


Bearhug have long been one of my go-to bands when I, y’know, wanna go all GTA on society. When I’m about to #angstyteen some motherfuckers, and going all trenchcoat Mafia seems like the preferable option over the silent treatment and a quiet bitch, then I know it’s time to chuck on some Bearhug. They’re a band caught somewhere between Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile and The Drones’ more poignant moments. They’re calm, collected and know how to drain every last delicious drop of juice from a guitar.

It’s been a bit over/under a year since we heard from Bearhug, when they quietly released their ‘Over Easy’ EP, to not a whole lot of fanfare. It’s unfortunate that Bearhug didn’t get at least a bit of props, because it’s a great little cocktease of a record. However, the days of Bearhug being underrated are long gone. If people can’t go nuts over ‘So Gone’, then we may as well just start the whole invasion process, and let the apes take over, because  I’d much rather let an ape that has a good taste in music rule over me than a confused Gary Oldman that doesn’t even know who TV Colours are.

‘So Gone’ is packed as an album, but Bearhug have done a great job of masking that by making each song stand out as much as they can, entrapping you into taking each song one at a time. They drag you into each song like that lady from M. Night Shyamalan’s much-maligned movie “Lady in the Water”. Each track pulls you under into a state of total content, and it’s pretty freaking easy to get caught up in the hushing, calming throng of it all.

There’s plenty to love about this album, from each song moving strongly into the next one, glubbily sticking to your mind like a Pavement-loving mollusc. Sometimes, the music on the record moves a little into background music territory, but there’s always an amazing riff and delicate washes of sound to bring things back into perspective. For example, the instrumental opener of “Borderlines”, which although nice, doesn’t have much of a grab, swiftly moves into the completely gorgeous and warm double whammy of “Aimee” and “Animal”.


The standouts on this album seem to come in two’s. There’s the aforementioned, then there’s “Acid Town” and “Catacombs”, which are the audio equivalent of holding your breath in an ocean, and having the waves silently thunder above your head, in the most serene way possible. And there’s “Chlorine”, which is a dusty Sonic Youth B-Side from “Rather Ripped” if ever there were one.

Sure, there’s an element of sameness to the record. But that cohesiveness in the record makes Bearhug’s sounds and ideas stick together, and format themselves into something easily digestable. As ‘So Gone’ meanders on, you can easily slot yourself into the record, and enjoy it. There are valuable moments aplenty where your interest will be pricked exponentially, and you’ll want to bury yourself in a mountain of reverb that Bearhug can build so easily around themselves. And then there are moments, when the melody is too much, and and you are sucked into that vortex of guitar with no obvious way to get out.

Sure, Bearhug might wear their influences on their sleeve, but less so than their previous efforts, and they make it up all the more by putting together one hell of an enjoyable listen. They know how to create a pictaresque riff, they know how to take a song to it’s most emotional and tangible height, and they know how to paint pictures that people aren’t painting well anymore. Whatever happens, if you’re listening to ‘So Gone’, there is going to be a point in which you find yourself with eyes closed and a shit eating grin planted on your ugly head.

Gig Review: FISHING

Friday, 5th September @ Newtown Social Club

FISHING are a Sydney duo with a fucking impossible name to Google. Read it with me: Fucking. Impossible. However, they are one of the few, few bands that it is worth trekking through result page after result page, looking for their Soundcloud, which is basically the Ark of the Covenant (it will melt your Nazi face off).

They’ve been playing around Sydney for a long time, and a few months back, they dropped their debut record. If that seems like some sort of not that much of a big deal, especially for bands who manage to knock out a record in a weekend, it’s actually kinda flooring especially when you view their work as a single cohesive piece. FISHING are a group that create their music by grabbing influence from every single genre, and then cobble these together with a flair and intoxication that will make you an immediate fan.

It seems reasonable to believe that FISHING sold out their homecoming show at Newtown Social Club on their album tour. People were excited! There was a thrill, and a certain electricity in the air, a community of people all moving with the momentum of FISHING’s success. No one there was a trivial fan, who had nothing better to do on a Friday night. No, these fans were deeply embedded and moved by FISHING, and were keen as fuck to see some Doug v. Russell action.

Doug and Russell took to the stage amid swirling lights that would be enough to bring on an acid flashback, as well as so much smoke that a first-time director of a “gritty” version of Macbeth would say, “Woah, guys, slow down. I’m suffocating here”. They were also one hand down, with Russell’s arm broken, and so they were joined by Alister Wright of Cloud Control, a guest on the album, who joined the duo in prodding buttons and dancing. Ironically, Alister also had a broken arm. If you’re in need of practicality, you really can’t go past FISHING.

But practicality isn’t really the point of FISHING, especially when they’re in their total creative element. The mixture of audio and visual, moulded into something that was some of the most engaging electronic experience (YAY, ALLITERATION) I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending to. The three on stage remained dynamic and happy as anything, their enjoyment laying completely unmasked. They could fuck-up, have to count in intro’s, whatever, but the crowd, instead of judging them, bolstered them, and the flow of good vibes was more obvious than if Godzilla tried to take a shit in the room.

They blared through a set that didn’t seem to last long enough, though it went for nearly an hour. Dancing and swaying to tracks off the record like “Choy Lin”, “Your Mouth”, and “Chi Glow”, with their deep, soul penetrating technical goodness, made time pass like we were on Mercury (it’s science, look it up). And in the live setting, where skulls and 3D models of naked bodies flipped across a glittering projector, tracks that could feel a bit flat on record like “Nineteen/Boy Wunder” and “Nova Current”, took on a new, re-invegorating energy. Things moved into a case of anything being possible, and a good time become an automatic by-product of being in FISHING’s presence.

When you left the gig, there was nothing but positive energy buzzing in the atmosphere. Not to get too SPIRITUAL NUT on everyone here, but it was a moment of karma going full circle. These two guys have worked hard, putting out mixtape after mixtape, single after single, of damn enjoyable brilliance, and it paid off with a show of most excellent proportions.

New: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Cellophane

A heap of people would’ve heard this song on King Gizzard’s most recent sold-out tour of Aus, and a heap of people would’ve had a similar, if not exact, same reaction as I did: ‘Fuck. Me. Sideways’. Because this fucking psychedelic creepy-crawler is probably where King Gizzard have hit another insane sweet spot in their career.

“Cellophane” is like an extensive acid trip taking place in the mind of Fritz the Cat, explicit, deranged and completely intoxicating. In just three minutes (blasphemous by recent Gizzard standards) the band shake, rattle and destroy a cage that they’ve built around expectations. This thing is wild and unleashed, and it’s going to immediately entrap and entrance you.